Skeeter Valentine
Origin Doug
Debut: May 12, 2012
Career: Inactive
Finishing Move: Patty Mayonnaise (Spinning powerbomb)
Skeeter Valentine is a major character in the Nickelodeon animated series Doug, and is a fictional wrestler signed to the M4G-Nation.

Being a seasoned veteran of the roster, Skeeter has nevertheless been treated as a joke character and serves as a jobber to multiple combatants in the M4G-Nation. Despite this, his reputation is polarized by fans and the commentary team, being simultaneously loved for his carefree, funk dancer gimmick and hated for similar reasons.

Over the course of his career, Skeeter has been involved in two pay-per-view matches, and is involved in a tag-team paired with Red Ranger as Seriously Too Cool .


WWE '12Edit

Skeeter made his debut on May 12, 2012 fighting in a 4-man battle royale which also included Vegeta, Conan O'Brien and Captain Planet. He was able to survive to the final two competitors in his debut match, eliminating Vegeta before being pinned by Captain Planet. He then suffered his second loss to Spiderman in a Promo Match contested in a Hell in a Cell. The sidekick of Doug then participated in the Atom-Weight Tourney which was held to crown the first Atom-Weight Champion. During the tournament, Skeeter shocked the audience and the commentary team alike when he defeated Darth Maul in a steel cage match for his first victory, although he was later defeated by Jesus in the following round. For the remainder of the WWE '12 era, Skeeter remained absent from the M4G-Nation universe.

WWE '13Edit

Skeeter's return came at October 31, 2012, in the first recorded match in the WWE '13 video game, where he was beaten via submission by Ash Ketchum in an extreme rules match. Vying for the Atom-Weight Championship, Skeeter was scheduled to team up with former Atom-Weight champion Trunks to battle the team of Ezio and Speed Racer in order to advance on to a triple threat championship match against Ash Ketchum at Big Bang. Skeeter and Trunks qualified for their title match when the former pinned Ezio with a surprise rollup. Unfortunately, at the M4G-Nation's third pay-per-view, Ash successfully retained his title.

Following a non-canon match between himself and the equally as lighthearted Red Ranger, Skeeter paired up with the crimson power rangers hero to form the tag team dubbed as Leonidas

☂ Together, they were able to defeat Ghost to Gotham to earn a #1 contender match spot for the Tag Team Championship, where they were defeated by former champions Spartan Fury. Skeeter then competed in his very first Royal Rumble match on the 10-man Royal Rumble to determine the #1 contender for the Galactic Championship, entering in one of the two beginning spots with King Leonidas, Valentine was the first to be eliminated in the match at the hands of former Royal Rumble winner Darth Vader. He then participated in another Royal Rumble match as entrant #19, scoring no eliminations once more before being eliminated by Goku. Pursuing title gold yet another time, Skeeter made an appearance in one of two Elimination Chamber matches to earn a title match against Darth Maul  and the additional winner of the first qualifying battle at Sonic Boom. Despite being the fourth to be eliminated by Adolf Hitler, he would manage to appear at Sonic Boom regardless, challenging Kratos for his Hardcore Championship in what was essentially a squash match in Kratos's favor.

Partaking in another bout, Skeeter teamed up with Red Ranger once more to challenge Captain Planet and Jesus in a tag team match. However, moments prior to the fight, they were ambushed by The Supremacy onstage, hospitalizing Red Ranger in the process and leaving Skeeter with no choice but to face the Buu Supremacy members in a handicap match to a losing result. Shortly after his defeat, he was further assaulted by a chair-wielding Captain Planet and Jesus. Implying that he too is injured and inactive as a result.

Skeeter made his return at Galactic Throwdown II (2013), contending for the Hardcore Championship a second time in a fatal 4 way match which involved Batman, Cookie Monster, and then-champion King. He was unable to attain title gold, however, as he was pinned by Batman to end the battle.

Skeeter would then take part in the second ever Atom Weight Tournament. In round one Skeeter would take down Raphael and then would pull off a huge shocker taking down Buu Supermacy member Spiderman. Skeeter was then eliminated from the tournament by Link in the semi finals.

On January 2nd 2014 Skeeter Valentine return in a royle rumble match at number 30 he eliminated 3 men King Leonidas. having king Leonidas

resrained by the ring before murdering skeeter valentine skeeter also took out V and link and getting props from trever he then was taken out by 2 time royle rumble winner boba fett it is unknown at this time if skeeter will return to the ring he is a free agent but he does hang out back stage and is still known as seriously to cool.


Entrance ThemeEdit

Get low (to the window to the wall song)-005:36

Get low (to the window to the wall song)-0


  • Skeeter's entrance resembles that of real-life professional wrestler Brodus Clay, while his entrance with Red Ranger mirror the real-life tag team Too Cool.
  • His entrance theme is a play on the lyrics of 'Get Low', where the lyrics 'Skeet, skeet' pertain to the shortened form of Skeeter's name.
  • In WWE '12, his color palette was deep blue before the change to his official turquoise coloration in WWE '13.
  • Mosquito 'Skeeter' Valentine holds a win/loss record of 6/11
  • Co-commentator Packard loathes Skeeter, a quality that is not uncommon for Packard, as he shares the same opinion for several other M4G-Nation wrestlers, including Skeeter's tag team partner, the Red Ranger.
  • Patty Mayonnaise, Skeeter's finishing maneuver, is a reference to the Doug character of the same name.

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