Silk Spectre
Origin Watchmen
Debut: December 16th 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: The Nightowl (Sitout fisherman suplex facebuster )
Silk Spectre is a character from the Watchmen comic book series and is an active member of the Harlot's Division

Silk Spctre is a former one time Harlot Division Championship and is among one of the best known members of the Harlot Division roster. She has been a rival to Bulma and taylor Swift and along with those three have made the division what it is today.


Debut and riseEdit

Silk would mkae her debut on December 16th 2012 vs Harlot Division Champion Bulma. In one of the biggest upsets of the year she would knock off the champion. Becuase of her win she would get into the six pack fight at Big Bang. Before the event she would have a warm up vs Cammy but would lose the match. At Big Bang Silk would pin Kim possible and make it to the final two between her and Bulma. Silk SPectre would find a way to beat Bulma to become the champion. 

Halrot Division Championship regin.Edit

Bulma wouild get another shot at the Harlot Division Championship and would batttle Bulma at Supernova who would be joined by Princess Fiona. Silk Spectre would put up a strong showing but would be unable to beat the odds and would be pinned by Bulma losing the championship.

Ice Cream SocialEdit

Bulma would be attacked and killed by a hooded woman. Silk Spectre would be seeded number one and would be the favorite of the Ice Cream Social. In round one Silk would defeat Bloodrayne and in round two she would beat Kim possible. In the final four she would face princess fiona who would be attacked after her round two win by another hooded woman. As a result Silk would have no problems in beating princess fiona. It would be revealed on March 27th that Taylor Swift arranged for Hermione Granger to take out fiona so Silk would have an easier time and that Taylor would be taking Daphne Blake's spot in the finals. the day before the finals at Absolute Zero they would sign the contract. Bulma would stop it and would warn the both of them that she was after them. At Absolute Zero it was Silk vs Taylor to corwn the new Harlot Division Champion. Silk would put in a very good effort but was unable to beat Taylor Siwft.

Post Icream SocialEdit

Bulma would return and face Silk Spcetre in a one on one match to gfind a new number one contender for the Harlots division championship on April 24th 2013. Silk would fail to win the match and become the number one contender. 


On the State of the M4G-Nation of June 10th, 2013, Taylor Swift and Bulma would fight abput which one would be the number one contender. Silk would return from one month of training come in claiming since she was a former champion she too should be number one contender. On the next State of the M4G-Nation Taylor would be in the ring saying she should be the number one contender. Bulma and Silk would tell Taylor there would be a triple threat to find the new number on contender. Silk Spectre would pin Taylor Swift winning the match and leaving both Bulma and Taylor in the dust which would set Daenerys Targaryen vs Silk Spctre for the Harlot Division Championship. Daenerys would come out on top to retain her championship. On August 29th, she and Elastigirl lost a tag match against Menage A Trois when Spectre was pinned

Theme SongEdit

Smashing Pumpkins -The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

Smashing Pumpkins -The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning