Shadow the Hedgehog
Origin Sonic Games
Debut: November 27th 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Unknown
Shadow is a hedgehog and a hero with super speed and the ability to roll into a ball and attack people while in a ball. He is an active member of the M4G-Nation Green roster and is often a fighter there. 


Shadow The Hedgehog was created to be the ultimate life form. He had genes on him that were capable of saving the life of Dr Robotnik's granddaughter Maria. Having deemed Shadow as a threat, the government sent in troops that wound up killing Maria in front of Shadow, who himself was caught. 50 years later, Shadow broke free from his bonds with revenge on his mind. He wanted to destroy the world for the government causing Maria's death, but ended up helping Sonic The Hedgehog save it instead. Since then, he has lived as a rival to Sonic. And like Sonic, with the chaos emeralds he can transform into a super version. This is a invincible form that skyrockets Shadow's previous abillities.  


Shadow would make his debut vs Kazuya in a losing effort. In The Internet Championship tourment Shadow lost to Robin and almost pulled out a victory again. On December 16th he make a team with Deadpool Chaos Theory  vs Spaceballs winning the matchup and will face Red Death in the future.


  • He is 1-2 in his caarer.

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