Sephiroth Prime
Members: Sephiroth

Optimus Prime

Origins Final Fantasy VII (Sephiroth)

Transformers (Optimus Prime)

Debut: August 4, 2012
Careers: Dissolved
Finishing Moves: Sephiroth - One Man Band (Release powerbomb, with theatrics)

Optimus Prime - Optimus Bomb (Elevated crucifix hold followed by a spinning sitout pinning powerbomb)

Sephiroth Prime was a tag team in the M4G-Nation, which consisted of Sephiroth and Optimus Prime. They are often regarded as the one of the most successful tandems in the business during its WWE '12 run.

Together, Sephiroth Prime has defeated several teams, and are former Tag Team Champions.


On August 4, 2012, Final Fantasy VII antagonist Sephiroth made his debut in the M4G-Nation and subsequently teamed up with Optimus Prime to form the tag team Sephiroth Prime. In their first match together, they defeated R2D2 (which was also the debut of Ryu Hayabusa) in a dominant fashion. A week later, they made their second appearance by beating the Z Warriors to gain #1 contendership for the Tag Team Championship at the M4G-Nation's second Pay-Per-View - Solar Eclipse. At their scheduled title match, they dethroned Team Old School to become the second ever champions. In doing this, Sephiroth Prime also gained the distinction of the first team to win the Tag Team Division's representative title at a Pay-Per-View.

Following their prestigious victory at Solar Eclipse. Optimus Prime and Sephiroth began a small feud with The Iron Giants. As a means to berate their rivals, Sephiroth Prime appeared in a promo discussing how their opposing team earned a title opportunity unfairly. They were interrupted by Iron Giants member Master Chief, who reasoned with them that 'A title shot is a title shot' and that he promised to deliver in their upcoming match. On the September 3, 2012 edition of The M4G-Nation, Sephiroth Prime successfully defended their titles against The Iron Giants.

Sephiroth Prime refrained from making any further appearances until M4GaMania, where they failed to retain their titles against TMN Tag Team Tourney winners and number one contenders Spartan Fury in what proved to be their final match together. The group disbanded when Optimus Prime was released from his contract.


  • Sephiroth Prime were undefeated until their second title defense and last match at M4GaMania.
  • They are the first tag team to win the Tag Team Championship at a PPV.

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