Origin Final Fantasy VII
Debut: August 4, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: One Man Band (Release powerbomb, with theatrics.)

Sephiroth is the main antagonist from the highly acclaimed video game Final Fantasy VII, who also wrestles for the M4G-Nation Blue roster. 

A much-respected longtime member of the roster and a favorite of broadcast member Packard, Sephiroth is also a former Tag Team Champion alongside Optimus Prime and a former Internet Champion . He has been referred to as a 'magician' for his seemingly inexplicable ability to summon cars onstage, and has been granted the nickname 'One Man Band', referencing real life professional wrestler Heath Slater.


Tag Team ActionEdit

Sephiroth made his debut on August 4, 2012 accompanied by Optimus Prime to fight the likes of team R2D2, where they emerged victorious. As a result, the duo were scheduled to wrestle the Z Fighters in another tag team match, having the winners advance on to fight Team Old School  for the Tag Team Championship belts. Successfully defeating the alliance of Goku and Vegeta, the transforming robotic powerhouse and the renowned Final Fantasy villain qualified for a shot at the title belts held at Solar Eclipse, the M4G-Nation's second PPV. At the prestigious match set between the collectively dubbed 'Sephiroth Prime' and the team composed of Ash Ketchum and Brock, Sephiroth and his partner effortlessly dominated over the tag team champions, resulting in both Optimus Prime's and Sephiroth's first championship victory.

Championship ReignEdit

Ironically, the match following his PPV victory against Team Old School was that of a singles match against Solid Snake. However, the villainous superstar proved to be just as dominant in singles action as he is in the Tag Team Division, defeating the stealth warrior and extending his undefeated streak to four. A mere three days later, due to a bet gambled on by the commentating booth, Optimus Prime and Sephiroth were forced to defend their titles against the Iron Giants (consisting of Ironman and Master Chief), expressing confidence in their upcoming match while subsequently conveying disapproval for their combatants, namely Master Chief, who they consider his return and immediate granting of a title shot to be disgraceful. As they cut the promo, they were interrupted by Master Chief himself, who argues that a title shot does not detract from his belief that he should pusue the impending battle with unwavering effort. At the title match set for September 3, 2012, Sephiroth and his tag team ally would defeat Master Chief and Ironman in a 20-minute long fight, and thus retain their titles.

Afterwards, the team took a small interregnum from wrestling while the TMN Tag Team Tourney was underway. A few months later, they then faced off against tournament winners and #1 contenders Spartan Fury at M4GaMania, where they were beaten by the team of Kratos and King Leonidas. This was the final time that the duo were seen with one another, as Optimus Prime was unable to transition from WWE '12 to WWE '13.

Singles CompetitionEdit

Following his export to WWE '13, Sephiroth has mainly involved himself in singles and multiple man matches. The first of which was against novice Mortal Kombat wrestler Scorpion in a winning effort. He then competed in the third Royal Rumble in the following month, but unfortunately could not acheive an elimination before being one of the several superstars to be thrown over the top rope by Kratos. A month later, Sephiroth was selected as one of three combatants to face Captain America to determine the #1 contender for the now defunct Inter-Universal Championship. In the match pitting him against the Saiyan superstar Goku and the exuberant Red Ranger, Sephiroth was unable to qualify, as Goku emerged victorious. Later that month, Sephiroth had pursued the Galactic Championship, appearing in the final of three preliminary matches to conduct a triple threat match between the three winners, with the victor advancing to a title match for the title at Supernova. The 'One Man Band' was able to defeat King and Blade to earn a triple threat #1 contender match against Master Chief and Buu. However, Sephiroth came up short, as Buu was able to successfully defeat the other two and thus earn the right to challenge Jason Voorhees.

Sephiroth then involved himself in 2 Royal Rumbles; one match in order to gain #1 contendership for the Galactic Championship, where he was the seventh to enter the competition, and - showing improvement from his Royal Rumble debut, he made it to the final three combatants, eliminating the Buu Supremacy's Marcus Fenix and Bojack before his own elimination at the hands of Master Chief. The second of these multiple man matches occurred 8 days later for a chance at the predominant M4G-Nation Championship. In this spectacle, Sephiroth entered the ring as entrant #22, and successfully eliminated Skeletor before exiting the ring courtesy of Vegeta.

A brief hiatus later, Sephiroth made his return to M4G-Nation wrestling and simultaneously, the Tag Team Division. Pairing up with Vegeta - who, interestingly enough, was the superstar responsible for Sephiroth's elimination at the fourth Royal Rumble. Sephiroth and his newly unveiled tag team associate would battle The Supremacy in a tag team match, although they were unsuccessful in pinning the heel duo. Sephiroth then competed in a six man armageddon Hell in a Cell also including Darth Maul, Ryu, Ironman, Captain Pollution, and The Hulk, but once again, Sephiroth was unable to earn a shot for the Galactic Championship.

Sephiroth would win the Internet Championship after defeating The Flash, Skeletor and Dante in a tournament on July 20th 2013 to become the inaugural champion. He would lose it to Zangief in the next stream. Meanwhile Sephiroth would battle in the Road To Gold Series but would be unable to make it out of round 1.

WWE 2K 14Edit

He would debut on the M4G-Nation Blue brand on December 14th, 2013 in a Money in the Bank qualifying match vs White Ranger and Rorshach

Over the next few months, Sephiroth would work his way into various title and Number 1 Contendership matches until the July 16th edition of M4G-Nation Blue's weekly show, where he competed in a four-way match for a chance at Kratos's M4G-Nation Blue Championship in a Number 1 Contendership match, against the Joker, Gypsy Danger, and the Tick, last eliminating the Joker to win the match and his first Number 1 Contendership in his lengthy career.  

Later in the same night, Sephiroth took part in a surprise attack against Jack-6, teaming up with Sub-Zero, Venom and Ryu Hayabusa to assault the former M4G-Nation champion. 


  • Despite being a notorious villain in the Final Fantasy series, Sephiroth is perceived to be a 'face' (Hero) character during his stint in the M4G-Nation.
  • Sephiroth's win/loss record is 5-8(Excluding Royal Rumble matches).
  • The 'Magician' has attempted, and failed, to earn a Galactic Championship title match a total of three times.


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