Scott Steiner
Origin Real Life Wrestling
Debut: April 12, 2014
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Steiner Recliner and Steiner Screwdriver

Scott Steiner is a former professional wrestler competing for the likes of WWE, WCW and TNA, and is currently a member of the TMNXT Roster as part of the Icebergs team.

Scott Steiner is currently one half of the TMNXT Tag Team Champions alongside Johnny Bravo as the "Johnnywood Blondes".


Scott Steiner got his start in professional wrestling with brother Rick Steiner as part of the Steiner Brothers. Together, the two took the tag team division by storm and achieved many tag titles in the likes of WWF and WCW. When Scott broke off into singles action however, he quickly rose to success in WCW. He won the WCW World Championship and was one of the few men in wrestling history to beat Goldberg. Eventually he made his way back to the WWE and even competed in TNA. During his time in TNA, he became a huge internet sensation, especially with this promo he cut below...

Professor Scott Steiner Typography01:08

Professor Scott Steiner Typography


Scott Steiner was the final surprise draft pick for the Icebergs team in the TMNXT Draft. He made his debut on April 12th 2014 in a six man elimination match for a number one contendership match spot. Sadly, Steiner was the first man eliminated when he tapped out to the Man In The Yellow Hat. He will therefore be involved in a punishment match alongside everyone else that finished last in the eliminators. Steiner would be the first one pinned in the punishment match by the Black Ranger and would have to face the Demon Chicken. After one of the most brutal matches seen in the D-League, Steiner would make the Demon Chicken tap out to the Steiner Recliner delivering the Demon Chicken it's first loss in the D-League. He later teamed with Johnny Bravo for the TMNXT Tag Team Championship in a tag team gauntlet. They would draw number 4 and made a clean sweep defeating BK Value Meal, Trevolution's Black Ranger and Smoke, and Shadow's Wario and Waluigi to win and retain the TMNXT Tag Team Championship. Steiner and Johnny Bravo would then face off against BK Value Meal in a TLC rematch for the tag titles. Steiner would climb the ladder and take the titles to defeat the former champions in a dominant fashion.


  • Scott Steiner's record in the M4G-Nation is 4-2
  • Scott Steiner is the only person to have beaten the Demon Chicken
  • Scott Steiner was the only real life professional wrestler drafted in the 2014 TMNXT Draft.
  • Scott Steiner is the only former real life professional wrestler to have won a title in either the M4G-Nation or TMNXT.


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