Origin Mortal Kombat
Debut: November 1st 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Scorpion Powerbomb/Deathbomb (Brainbuster)

Scorpion is a resurrected ninja from the Mortal Kombat video game series that is currently a member of the M4G-Nation Blue roster.

Scorpion is one half of Mortal Kombat alongside Reptile. 

Him and Sub-Zero are enemies in the Mortal Kombat series, but put their differences aside to compete for the Tag Team Championship.


Hanzo Hasashi joined the Shirai Ryu clan. While a member of the clan, he went under the codename of "Scorpion". Scorpion would go on to raise a family and become one of the finest members of the clan. However, all that was taken away when his family and clan were killed by who he had believed was the warrior Sub-Zero. After killing the 1st Sub-Zero, Scorpion aligned himself with the sorcerer Quan-Chi and holds a grudge with the second man to carry the Sub-Zero mantle, Kuei Liang. After discovering the truth behind his clan and family's demise, Scorpion has been searching for the true mastermind Quan-Chi. Scorpion has since put an end to aligning himself with the forces of light or evil and believes the only person he needs to listen to is himself.


Start Of Alliance with Sub-ZeroEdit

Scorpion first appeared in the M4G-Nation on November 1st 2012, teaming with Sub-Zero to defeat Speed Racer and Marty McFly. Scorpion would make his singles debut on November 21st in a losing effort to M4G-Nation veteran and former tag team champion the "One Man Band" Sephiroth. On December 22nd at the 3rd ever Royal Rumble, Scorpion drew unlucky #13 and was eliminated quickly by Bandit Keith.

Road To The Tag Team ChampionshipEdit

Scorpion and Sub-Zero were booked in a match with the team of Bane and Space Ghost on January 7th 2013, with the winning team competing for the right to fight for the Tag Team Championship. Mortal Kombat won and advanced to face Sports Authority for the right to face Spartan Fury for the tag titles at Supernova. However the day before the PPV, Mortal Kombat accepted a £100,000 bribe from Sports Authority to allow Sports Authority to fight Spartan Fury for the Tag Team Championship instead of going through the formality of the match between Mortal Kombat and Sports Authority.

After Sports Authority had their chances at the titles, Scorpion and Sub-Zero re-entered the fray and were given a tag title shot at the next pay-per-view entitled Northern Lights against Spartan Fury. Scorpion and Sub-Zero would make great use of their second chance and captured the Tag Team Championship on the PPV. This gave Scorpion his first ever championship in M4G-Nation history. In the rematch between the two teams at Absolute Zero, Scorpion and Sub-Zero would successfully retain the gold ending the feud between the teams.

Title Reign Edit

While Tag Team Champions, Mortal Kombat hired Ironman as their manager, and the man of Iron would start accompanying Mortal Kombat down to the ring for their matches. Scorpion was the only member of the group to not appear in the 4th ever Royal Rumble on April 14th. He did come back to defend the tag titles in a Hell In A Cell match with Kings Of Jungle at Vernal Equinox. Mortal Kombat successfully retained the gold again, and also defeated Neo-Underworld members Myotismon and Skeletor in a non-title match on May 3rd. However, the duo were attacked post-match by Buu and Bojack from the Buu Supremacy. This rivalry saw Scorpion and Sub-Zero lose the titles to the Buu Crew at Sonic Boom, ending their 85 day title reign as champions.

Trying To Regain The TitlesEdit

Scorpion and Sub-Zero then competed in the Tag Team Gauntlet at Galactic Throwdown II (2013), entering as the 2nd entrants in the match. They started off against the Neo-Underworld. However, they would lose via count-out after Scorpion threw Myotismon into the ring and left Sub-Zero on the outside to get counted-out. Scorpion was the 23rd entrant in the Royal Rumble of August 2013, eliminated Space Ghost, and was eliminated by Spiderman. At Solar Eclipse 2, he and Sub-Zero lost to The Westeros in a match for the Tag Team Championships. Scorpion would win the 6 man tag team matchup of Mortal Kombat vs La Pollution. He would then lose a fatal four way with Kratos, Robin, and the winner of the match Wolverine.  Scorpion would team with Sub-Zero to beat La Pollution once again and would face TMNT in a TLC match. Scorpion would grab the briefcase with the contact winning the match and Mortal Kombat would become the Blue number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships. The two would face Red Death for the titles but would lose.

New Partner Edit

Scorpion and Sub-Zero would try once again for the Tag Team Championships and winning a #1 contendership match. Sub-Zero, however, would win the 6th annual Royal Rumble and would go for the M4G-Nation Blue Championship. Scorpion would enlist the help of new teammate, Reptile, to take Sub-Zero's place. He and Reptile would win against Red Death and would go onto a long winning streak together. They would eventually lose to Batman and Robin. He and Reptile would try to regain the tag titles in the tag team gauntlet but they would lose to the Xotica Xpress. Scorpion along with Smoke and Reptile would face Bane, Venom and former partner Sub-Zero. Scorpion would be the second eliminated for his team and his team would lose the match. Scorpion would later be in the Hardcore gauntlet at M4Gamania and would put up a good showing but would lose to Blade.

The Goddamn Tournament Edit

Scorpion would face Vegeta in the first round of the Goddamn Tournament and would pull an upset victory getting him his first singles win.


  • Scorpion has only ever fought in one singles match in the M4G-Nation (excluding the Royal Rumble match and some multi-man matches).
  • Despite being the deadliest of foes in the Mortal Kombat series, Scorpion and Sub-Zero are still a team in the M4G-Nation and have not shown signs of tension in the league. Their past has hardly ever been mentioned.
  • His and Sub-Zero's title reign is the 3rd longest title reign in M4G-Nation history, with only Team Old School and Spartan Fury having longer title reigns.
  • Scorpion holds the record for the longest combined time ever holding the Tag Team Championship with 198 total days.
  • Scorpion also holds the distinction of being called the "Tag team specialist" because of his impressive teamwork with anyone whom he tags with.
  • Scorpion is the only wrestler to win the Tag Team Championship 3 times, all with different partners.