Origin Marvel comics
Debut: August 8, 2013
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Unknown
Victor Creed, better known as Sabretooth, is an antagonist from the X-Men comic book and movie series, and was a fictional wrestler that competed in the M4G-Nation.


Sabretooth debuted in a Promo Match celebrating the release of Wolverine's film, The Wolverine. He appeared accompanied by fellow Marvel Comics characters Cyclops and Wolverine as the X-Men to face the Avengers in what was the latter's fourth ever six-man tag team elimination match. In retribution of The Hulk eliminating Wolverine in the last two Royal Rumbles, Wolverine made The Hulk submit to the Crippler Crossface (Ironic in that the submission hold was popularized by former real life professional wrestler Chris Benoit, who owned the nickname 'The Rabid Wolverine') to score the first elimination. Cyclops pinned both Captain America and Iron Man to successfully sweep the Avengers in their first encounter as a three man tag team.

Theme SongEdit

X-MEN Theme(90's Cartoon) HD Quality01:01

X-MEN Theme(90's Cartoon) HD Quality


  • Sabretooth is undefeated in the M4G-Nation.
  • Sabretooth is aligned with the X-Men despite rarely being aligned with the group in the comics.

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