Ryu Hayabusa
Origin Ninja Gaiden
Debut: August 4th 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: The Ninja Gaiden (Modified version of the "Big Ending")

Ryu Hayabusa is a ninja and protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden series as well as a regular playable character in the Dead Or Alive series. He was once a member of the M4G-Nation roster.

Despite being one of the deadliest swordsmen in fictional history, Ryu Hayabusa struggled to make any sort of impact in the M4G-Nation despite being a member of the roster for 9 months. He formed a team with Ryu and was a member of the Atom-Weight Championship. Ryu was a wrestler that was largely hated by M4G-Nation commentators Packard and Trevor, particularly Trevor.


WWE 12Edit

Ryu Hayabusa debuted on August 4th 2012 team to form "Team R2D2" with the Street Fighter Ryu to lose to the also newly-formed team of the "One Man Band" Sephiroth and Future Hall Of Famer Optimus Prime. He returned on August 25th 2012 to take part in a fatal four way steel cage match alongside Bojack, King and Thor with the winner getting four points on the M4G-Nation leaderboard. However, Hayabusa would lose out to King in that match. Despite not winning, Ryu was put into a fatal four way match with Aang, Captain Planet and Dante with the winner getting an Atom-Weight title shot in the future. However, Ryu came up short in the 4 way. This resulted in Hayabusa being booked in a pink slip match on October 12th with one half of the Tag Team Champions Optimus Prime. If Hayabusa lost again, he would have been fired from the M4G-Nation. However, Ryu upset Prime to keep his job in the M4G-Nation. Despite the win, Hayabusa ended up finishing last on points for WWE 12.

WWE 13Edit

Hayabusa made his WWE 13 debut on January 21st 2013 much to the annoyance of Packard and especially Trevor. He competed in a fatal four way alongside The Flash, Red Ranger and Tien Shinhan with the winner fighting Ezio for the right to fight for the Atom-Weight Championship. Hayabusa could not pick up the victory, but did pick up a win with former partner Ryu against Django and Boba Fett on Feburary 13th 2013. Ryu was then the 27th entrant in the 4th ever Royal Rumble on April 13th, but was eliminated by Sub-Zero. He then appeared 7 days later in a fatal four way match alongside Trunks, Darth Maul and Jesus with the winner fighting Ash Ketchum for the Atom-Weight Championship at Vernal Equinox. However, he was unable to pick up the win. On May 10th 2013, he took part in an Elimination Chamber match to determine a number one contender for Darth Maul's Atom-Weight Championship at Sonic Boom. Hayabusa eliminated Trunks and made the final three but was eventually eliminated by Ash Ketchum. This would prove to be his last match in the M4G-Nation as he was released.

WWE 2K14 - Return and Alliances Edit

On the July 16th edition of M4G-Nation Blue's weekly show, Ryu Hayabusa made his return to partake in an assault on former M4G-Nation Champion Jack-6, along with Sub-Zero (returning from injury), Sephiroth (then #1 Contender) and Venom.

On August 17 2014 the unwashed appeared in a promo video ryu hayabusa didnt appear because only four can be be in a promo video the unwashed left the building for ryu to finshed where they started he took on the former harcore champion jesus christ in a bethleham match he was pretty impressive using his karate moves and banes finsher but couldnt put away the son of god. This match was pretty brutal towards the end ryu came up short when jesus hit the resurection DDT on the floor outside the ring for the 3 count. On September 11 2014 ryu appeared in a assult to the atom weight champion white ranger and former champion gambit laying them both flat in the ring.

Theme SongEdit

Warriors Orochi 3 OST - Ryu Hayabusa Theme03:53

Warriors Orochi 3 OST - Ryu Hayabusa Theme


  • Win/Loss Record - 2/7

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