Origin DC Comics
Debut: November 23rd, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Superkick
Robin is a superhero from DC Comics and is an active member of the M4G-Nation Blue roster.


A number of origins for Tim Drake, the third Robin, have been written over the years. Since this Robin is based on Tim Drake in the DC Animated Universe, the origin that is told in the Batman TV episode "Sins of a Father" will be shown.

Tim Drake resented his father who had been a thug for the crimelord Two-Face for years. Having no respect for his father, he usually had to fend for himself and looked up to Batman and Robin. Batman and Robin wound up saving Tim from a kidnapping by Two-Face after his father crossed him. When Tim's father was killed, Batman adopted Tim and began training him to become his trusty sidekick Robin.


Debuting on Nivember 23rd, 2013 Robin would start the fatal four way matchup as an underdog but would find a way past Kratos, and Scorpion, before losing to the returning Wolverine. He would lose a dark rematch vs Kratos and a 6 man hell in the cell for a atom weight contendership vs The FlashLinkGambitLeonardo, and The Green Ranger. In the internet title tournament, he beat Shadow but lost to  Dante in the next round. Later he was in a fatal 4 way atom weight match but lost to Mega man. He eventually saw another victory by winning a six man ladder match including The Tick, Venom, Big Daddy, Gipsy Danger, and Alucard. He would win again a week later with Barman by beating Sephiroth-Prime. 

At Vernal Equinox 2: Equinox Harder, he didn't win the hardcore title but was able to eliminate King Leonidas.

Later on an episode of Blue, Batman and Robin were given a tag team title number contenders match. They were facing Sethiroph-Prime in a TCL match. They would up winning and going to Sonic Boom 2. To face Mortal Kombat, they would have to beat Hiei and Iron Patriot aka Team Angle. The Dynamic Duo would beat team Angle and face Scorpion and Reptile in a TLC match. After Robin gave a RKO to Reptile, he grabbed the belts and made Batman and himself tag team champions.


  • This Robin is Tim Drake, the third Robin. This is due to his outfit being based on the Robin from the New Batman Animated TV series. 
  • He is 6-6 in his career.
  • Despite him being the sidekick, in his first match with Sephiroth-Prime, commentators Trevor and Shadow have said that Robin did all the work even when Batman got the pin.


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