The Road To Gold series is a tournament held by the M4G-Nation.

The series is based on the Bound For Glory Series held by real-life wrestling promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The series in which 15 wrestlers compete in a series of matches over the course of several months with the winner earning a M4G-Nation Championship match.


15 superstars are selected by the M4G-Nation to compete in the series. A series of matches will take place between the 15 competitors over the next 3 months with points being won and lost based on wins and defeats. Points are won based on how many men were involved in the match you won. So if you win a standard one on one, you earn 2 points. Triple Threat match winners earn 3, Fatal Four Way winners earn 4, etc. Losing any match will see you lose a point. If you get yourself disqualified, you lose 3 points. In battle royals, points are NOT AWARDED for in the matches. You win the match or you go away with nothing. The top 4 in points move on to a finals gauntlet matcup where the Winner gets a M4G-Nation title shot vs. whoever the champion is at the first PPV event of WWE 2K14.


The 14 competitors in the competition were picked based on their popularity with the fans and their title credentials. Most of the competitors had never won the title before but been long-time M4G-Nation members, with the few exceptions being Yusuke Urameshi and Captain America who won the Inter-Universal title. 5 particpants are to be determined by qualifiers being set up. The participants are as followed:

  • Vegeta (Two Time Former Hardcore Champion and a former tag team champion)
  • Cookie Monster (Longest Entrant In The Halloween Royal Rumble and a former Hardcore Champion. Cookie Monster was removed as he got a title shot at Big Bang 2)
  • The Hulk (Fought For The Galactic Championship a number of times)
  • Zangief (Former Internet Champion with impressive victories over the likes of former Inter-Universal Champion Darth Vader)
  • Yusuke Urameshi (Former Inter-Universal Champion and the first ever Royal Rumble Winner)
  • Captain America (Former Inter-Universal Champion and the first ever Money In The Bank holder)
  • Jason Voorhees (Former Galactic Champion, the winner of the Halloween Royal Rumble and one of few people to defeat Jack-6)
  • Ryu (Largely favourited by M4GNITUDE and one of the best wrestlers never to hold a championship)
  • Sephiroth (Former Internet Champion and former tag team champion)
  • Deadpool (Huge fan favourite and a semi-finalist in the 2013 Atom-Weight Tournament)
  • Darth Maul (Former Atom-Weight Champion who qualified after defeating Ironman)
  • King Leonidas (Former Tag Team Champion who qualified after beating Sub-Zero)
  • Space Ghost (Ally of former M4G-Nation Champion Bane who qualified after beating Tien Shinhan)
  • Kratos (Former Tag Team Champion and Hardcore Champion who qualified after beating Raphael)
  • Ironman (Accidently booked in a Road To Gold series match by M4GNITUDE he wasn't supossed to be involved in, to enter the series)


Rank Wrestler Points Matches
1 Ryu 13 3
2 Zangief 12 4
3 Kratos 10 3
4 Vegeta 8 4
5 Ironman 6 3
6 The Hulk 3 3
7 Deadpool 2 4
8 King Leondias 2 4
8 Sephiroth 2 4
10 Yusuke Urameshi 2


11 Darth Maul 1 3
12 Captain America  1 4
13 Space Ghost 1 4
14 Jason Voorhess 0 3

Qualifiying MatchesEdit

August 15th 2013 - Darth Maul def. Ironman

August 17th 2013 - King Leonidas def. Sub-Zero

August 18th 2013 - Space Ghost def. Tien Shinhan

August 20th 2013 - Kratos def. Raphael


Match # Match Type Date Winner Defeated Other Participants (If Applicable)
1 10-Man Royal Rumble August 13, 2013 Ryu (+10 Points) N/A Vegeta, Cookie Monster, The Hulk, Zangief, Captain America, Yusuke Urameshi, Deadpool, Sephiroth, Jason Voorhees
2 Singles Match August 22, 2013 Vegeta (+2 Points) Deadpool N/A
3 Singles Match August 25, 2013 Zangief (+2 Points) The Hulk N/A
4 Fatal-4-Way September 5, 2013 Cookie Monster (+4 Points) Captain America Darth Maul, Yusuke Urameshi
5 Fatal-4-Way September 7, 2013 Iron Man (+4 Points) Space Ghost King Leonidas, Sephiroth
6 Singles Match September 13, 2013 Zangief (+2 Points) King Leonidas N/A
7 Singles Match September 14, 2013 Kratos (+2 Points) Jason Voorhees


8 Singles Match September 23, 2013 Vegeta (+2 Points) Yusuke Urameshi N/A
9 Steel Cage Fatal-4-Way October 4th, 2013 Kratos (+4 points) N/A Darth Maul, Ironman, Ryu
10 Fatal-4-Way October 6, 2013 Zangief (+4 Points) Space Ghost Captain America, Deadpool
11 4-Man Battle Royal October 17, 2013 Kratos (+4 Points) Ryu (+3 Points) Ironman (+2 Points), Jason Voorhees (+1 Point)
12 4-Man Battle Royal October 21, 2013 The Hulk (+4 Points) Deadpool (+3 Points) King Leonidas (+2 Points), Darth Maul (+1 Point)
13 4-Man Battle Royal October 27th, 2013 Vegeta (+4 Points) Space Ghost(+3 Points) Captain America(+2 Points) Cookie Monster(* out of road to gold so his points won does not matter.+1 Points)

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