Reptile is from the popular franchise Mortal Kombat and made his debut in the D-League. He looks similiar to Sub-Zero  and Scorpion but green. He also teamed with them once to face La Pollution.

D-League DebutEdit

Reptile made his debut in one of the many elimanation chambers as a free agent. He got no elimanations and was the 3rd man elimanated. Later he was seeded at number 28 in the D-League tournament. His opponent was Johnny Bravo and despite him putting up a good fight, he lost.


The second match on 2k14 was La Pollution vs Mortal Kombat. It was Reptiles debut alongside with Sub-Zero and Scorpion. But he proved he was worthy and scored the pin on Zangief. After the draft, Reptile was picked for M4G-Nation Blue. He made his debut in a TLC Fatal Four way against The TickVenom, and Spawn. He lost despite putting in a good effort. Reptile has had numerous chances to win the Hardcore Championship but has lost any chance that he had to win. He would team up with Scorpion to face off against team Red Death for the Tag Team Championship in a ladder match. Scorpion would take the titles and win the match. Reptile and Scorpion would be placed in the 7vs7 elimination tag match but would be disqualified for not being the legal man and not leaving the ring in time. He and Scorpion would then face the team of the White Ranger and the Red Ranger. Team Mortal Kombat would prove too much for the Rangers to handle and would retain the Tag Team Championship. He, Scorpion and Smoke would face Buu's new Supremacy team (Spawn and Ironman). He would be eliminated early on but Smoke would later pick up the win. He and Scorpion would later lose to Batman and Robin losing the championships in the process. They would try to reclaim the titles in a tag team gauntlet match but would lose to the Xotica Xpress. Reptile would later team with Scorpion and Smoke once again to face Unwashed members Bane, Venom and former stable mate Sub-Zero. Reptile would again be eliminated early but this time the team would lose after Sub-Zero made Smoke tap out to a full nelson.

The GDTEdit

Reptile would be placed as the 61st seed, one of the lowest seeds, in the GDT and would face Ryu in the first round. Reptile would pull a major upset and get the win on Ryu. Reptile would go on to face The Joker in the second round. Reptile would defeat The Joker. In the third round, Reptile would face and defeat Jesus in a ladder match. In the fourth round, Reptile would face and defeat Frieza in a Last Man Standing match. In the semi-finals, Reptile would have to face his greatest challenge yet, #1 seed Kratos , who at that point had Green Goblin's personal Hardcore Championship, in a I Quit match. Reptile would again pull a major upset making Kratos quit after delivering a chokebomb onto the announce table. Reptile would go into the finals to face Internet ChampionGoku in a Hell in a Cell 30-min Iron Man match. After a long and brutal match, Reptile would stand tall after scoring nine falls over Goku who had scored six. Reptile would have to give up Green Goblin's Hardcore Championship, but would gain the Internet Championship after defeating Goku (as prior stipulation from the tournament that both the Hardcore and Internet Championships were given to the winner of each match). Reptile would later be featured on TMN Red in a Royal Rumble.


  • Reptile is the first of the former D-League wrestlers to get a title on the main roster.


Tag Team Championship (1 time) w/ Scorpion

Internet Championship (1 time, Current)

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