Cthulhu Squirrel Red Ranger
Origin Power Rangers
Debut: December 17th 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Red Surprise (Front facelock flipped over into a neckbreaker)

Cthulhu Squirrel Red Ranger is a character from the Power Rangers series and is an active member of the roster.

Red Ranger is one half of the tag team Seriously Too Cool and is a high flying machine and member of the roster. he is also one of the most made fun of members of the roster due to inside jokes.



Red Ranger would make his debut on December 17th, 2012 vs Trunks. Red Ranger would show of some skills flying around the ring but would fail to win the match.

Rumble matchEdit

Red Ranger would then enter the royal rumble of December 22nd 2012 on number 27. As he came to the ring M4Gnitude would say that a fan called him a squirrel. The Red Ranger would then take out Lebron James before engaging in a battle with Eli Manning. The would would nearly battle only between each other for 5 minutes before Red Ranger took out Eli Manning and then kicked out Bane. At this point Pat James Reagan would make harsh squealing noises that suggested that it wasn't a squirrel under the helmet, but actually Cthulhu, a fictional cosmic entity designed by writer H.P. Lovecraft, earning the Red Ranger the nickname "Cthulhu Squirrel Ranger." Red Ranger would be taken out shortly after his knock out of Bane by Iron Man.

Other BattlesEdit

Red Ranger would battle Sephiroth and Goku in a triple threat steel cage match that Goku won. Red Ranger would take part in a fatal four way Atom Weight match vs Tien ShinhanRyu Hayabusa, and The Flash. Red Ranger would win the match to face Ezio to try and become the numebr one contender for the Atom-Weight Championship . Ezio and Red Ranger would do battle in an extreme rules match on January 25th 2013. It was a big battle that Ezio would win and become the number one contender. 

Valentine's day and Tag TeamEdit

Red Ranger would battle Skeeter Valentine on Valentine's day. The two would be battle with Skeeter winning. However the two styles and dancing background would make the two to become a Tag Team. 

Red Ranger would take part in a Elimination Chamber match on February 21st 2013 Red Ranger would knock out Captain Planet before falling to the Flash.

Red Ranger and Skeeter would become Seriously Too Cool and would team for the first time vs Ghost to Gotham. They would win the match to move on to face Spartan Fury who would defeat them to beceome number one contenders. 

Other BattlesEdit

Red Ranger would then enter the royal rumble of April 13th number 32 but unlike last time was unable to do much as he was taken out by Darth Vader. Red Ranger and his partner would enter the Elimination Chamber match. red Ranger would get taken down by Jesus. Red Ranger was set to team with Skeeter on June 8th vs Buu Supremacy members Jesus, and Captain Pollution. Before the match Tag Team ChampionsBuu, and Bojack, assaulted Seriously Too Cool . Red Ranger would be injured as a result.

Atom Weight TournamentEdit

Red Ranger would recover to take part in the Atom Weight Tournament(2013). Red Ranger would battle Darth Maul in round one and would win the match to move on to round two. However in round two he would fall to Link

Other Battles (continued)Edit

Red Ranger was the 38th man to enter the Royal Rumble of August 2013 and was eliminated by Deadpool. He then lost a fatal fourway for the Hardcore Championship against Captain Falcon, Myotismon, and Cookie Monster.

Current Entrance Theme Edit

Slammin Jammin Power Dunkers - Quad City DJs vs Ron Wasserman02:07

Slammin Jammin Power Dunkers - Quad City DJs vs Ron Wasserman


  • He is 5-12 in his caarer.

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