Red Death
Origin Street Fighter(Zangief)

DC Comics(Red Tornado)

Debut: December 8th, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Zangief: Red Cyclone (Three rolling german suplexes)

Red Tornado: Skyhigh (Pickup Powerbomb)

Red Death is a Tag Team in the M4G-Nation that is made up of Zangief from Street Fighter and Red Tornado from DC Comics that completes on Green Brand.


Zangief the then Solar Flare Champion would team with debuting Red Tornado to form Red Death and would win a matchp vs The Fire Birds(Captain Falcon and Paul Phoenix) on Decmber 8th, 2013. Red Death would pick up another win vs Choas Theory to represent M4G-Nation Green vs Mortal Kombat at Space Jam for the Tag Team Championship.

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