Origin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Debut: August 23rd 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Tortuga Tornado (Argentine neckbreaker), Superkick, with theatrics
Raphael is a turtle from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and currently a full-time member of the M4G-Nation roster. He is also a member of the Team Goku faction.

Raphael is arguably the most ruthless and hot-headed member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is as intense as anyone in the M4G-Nation roster. Despite this, Raphael has always fought for what's right and is willing to fight even the best of the M4G-Nation to enforce justice.

He's even held is own against then-Inter-Universal Champions Buu and Jack-6 and has been a constant headache for the Buu Supremacy. He's earned the respect of many members of the roster and especially has a strong friendship with Link and Trunks. He even joined forces with Goku and Master Chief in the battle against the Supremacy.


First Run In With The Buu SupremacyEdit

Raphael first joined the M4G-Nation on August 23rd 2012, confronting the new Inter-Universal Champion Buu. Raphael questioned Buu's legitimacy as champion considering he'd only won 2 matches in his M4G-Nation career against Link and Yusuke Urameshi. In response, Buu gave Raphael an Inter-Universal Title shot right there and then which Raphael accepted. However, Buu got himself Disqualified and retained the title since titles don't change hands on DQ's.

Chasing The Tag Titles And ReleaseEdit

Raphael then started teaming with Atom-Weight Champion Trunks as they perused the Tag Team Championship. The two were entered into the Tag Title Tournament set up to determine the number one contenders for Optimus Prime and Sephiroth's titles. They started off well, knocking off Mr Money in the Bank Captain America and Captain Planet in the first round. However, they would fall to the Buu Supremacy's Marcus Fenix and Bojack in the 2nd round. Soon afterwards, Trunks began focusing on retaining his Atom-Weight Title at M4GaMania. And as the M4G-Nation changed to WWE 13, Raphael was cut from their roster

2013 Return, Team GokuEdit

Raphael made a surprise on March 14th 2013, defeating the rising star Bandit Keith in his return match. Soon afterwards, Raphael revealed to Goku in a promo on March 16th that his decision to come back was to get rid of the Buu Supremacy, who had reformed and had gained considerable power in the M4G-Nation. Raphael agreed to join forces with Goku and Master Chief and take down the Supremacy. Raphael was then booked to compete in a 6 man elimination tag with himself, Goku and Master Chief taking on Jack-6, Bojack and Marcus Fenix at Absolute Zero. The Inter-Universal Championship would be up for grabs, because if Team Goku won, Goku would win the championship. If the Buu Supremacy won, Jack-6 retained the championship. Raphael wasn't much help in the match as he was the first man eliminated off a Stunner by Marcus. Team Goku would lose the match, but the issues between the two factions were certainly not settled. Raphael would be in the corner of Goku as he defeated Bojack on April 4th 2013. Goku and Raphael would both try to win the 4th ever Royal Rumble to try and gain another title shot for Team Goku. While Goku didn't last long in the match, number #38 entrant Raphael did come close to winning it, making the final six of the Royal Rumble. However, Raphael would end up being eliminated by Buu Supremacy member Jesus.

Hunt For Championship GoldEdit

After Goku's injury at the hands of Captain Planet/Pollution, Raphael took time away from fighting the Buu Supremacy and went after the Atom-Weight Championship. He competed in the Elimination Chamber match on May 10th 2013 to crown a number one contender for the Atom-Weight title. Raphael got the luck of the draw and was the last man released from the chamber pods. However, he failed to win the match after being eliminated by Buu Supremacy member Ash Ketchum. Raphael then teamed up with old partner Trunks and the recently resurrected Link to lose to the Neo-Underworld on May 31st. He then left for a month, but he returned with Goku and other members of the team. He lost in the first round of the Atom Weight Tournament(2013) to Skeeter Valentine. He tried to win a tournament on August 10th, 2013, for a shot at the Internet Championship, yet he fell short to Zangief, who would go on to win both the tournament and the title, in the first round. He was the 22nd entrant in the August 11th, 2013, Royal Rumble and was eliminated by Tien Shinhan. He would then fail to qualify for the Road To Gold Series when he was beaten by Kratos. He would fail to win the Atom Weight Championship at Big Bang 2 (2013). Raphael would fail to win an atom weight chamber match on November 15th, 2013.

2K14 Edit

Raphael would make a rare appearance here and there and would in the Hardcore gauntlet at M4Gamania and would be the fist to start out along with Skeletor and would win the match. He would however face Blade and would lose the title.

Theme SongEdit

Vanilla Ice - Ninja rap (Go ninja go)03:44

Vanilla Ice - Ninja rap (Go ninja go)


  •  Raphael's win/loss record is 3-6.
  • Raphael's entrance mimics that of Kurt Angle.

Accomplishments Edit

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