Origin Mortal Kombat/Japanese Mythology
Debut: September 21st 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: N/A

Raiden is the God Of Thunder, protector of Earthrealm and currently a member of the M4G-Nation Green roster.

Raiden is a new addition to the league, but already has made a big impact by defeating former Hardcore Champion and Atom-Weight Tournament winner Jesus Christ, thus retiring him out of the M4G-Nation. With this win, the former elder god is in a prime position to make an impact in the M4G-Nation having defeated the son of god.


Raiden was chosen to be the God Of Thunder and protector of Earthrealm by the beings known as the Elder Gods. In order to fight among the defenders of Earthrealm, he must relinquish his immortality to get involved in Mortal Kombat Tournaments. However, he still retains his godly powers without the immortality. After aiding the forces of Earthrealm against the fallen elder-god Shinnok, Raiden ascended to the form of Elder God. He's a cunning and daring strategist who prefers patience over rashness and has incredible amounts of trust of the defenders of Earthrealm, especially Liu Kang.


Raiden first appeared in the M4G-Nation on September 21st 2013. He defeated Jesus Christ to earn a full-time contract at the company and retire Jesus out of the league. Afterwards, he would not wrestle until November 2nd losing a tlc fatal four way matchup for the Solar Flare Championship won by Zangief with Space Ghost and The Hulk also in the matchup.

Raiden faced Darth Vader at Galactic Throwdown III for the Solar Flare Championship . He was victorious in his match, and captured his first singles championship in the M4G-Nation. However, shortly after the match, he was attacked by Kakashi of the Perfection faction. Raiden would be scheduled to face Tien for the Solar Flare title but Tien would be attacked backstage and Kakashi would be put in his place. Raiden would retain the tile and Kakashi would attack the thunder god once more. Raiden would then face Kakashi's teammate in Perfection, Cell, and would retain the championship once more.


  • On Raiden's nameplate, Raiden is nicknamed the "God Of Lightning". This is technically correct, but he is more well-known as the "God Of Thunder" and is rarely referred to in Mortal Kombat as the God Of Lightning.
  • Raiden is one of two thunder gods in the M4G-Nation, with the first being former M4G-Nation member and current D-League member Thor.
  • With Jesus Christ being the son of god, the M4G-Nation commentators jokingly suggested that Raiden was a relative of Jesus, either being his dad or his uncle.
  • Due to the camera zooming in on Raiden's right-hand during his entrance, he was jokingly stated as being left-handed, and showing his right hand was just to emphasize his power.
  • Raiden is 4-0 in singles matches.


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