Ryu and Ryu Hayabusa post match celebrating their victory over Million Dollar Bounty
Members: Ryu

Ryu Hayabusa

Origins Street Fighter (Ryu)

Ninja Gaiden (Ryu Hayabusa)

Debut: August 4, 2012
Careers: Dissolved
Finishing Moves: Ryu - Shoryuken (Sitout lifting double underhook facebuster.)

Ryu Hayabusa - Ninja Gaiden

R2D2 was a tag team composed of Ryu and Ryu Hayabusa.

Despite participating in only three matches, their history as an alliance spanned from WWE '12 until the departure of Ryu Hayabusa, which occured in the midst of the M4G-Nation's run with WWE '13, making them one of the more seasoned tag teams at the time.


R2D2 made their debut on the August 4, 2012 episode of the M4G-Nation, which also marked Ryu Hayabusa's introduction to the roster. In their first match together, they were beaten by Sephiroth Prime after Ryu Hayabusa was on the receiving end of the trademark Optimus Bomb. The duo then sought after the coveted Tag Team Championship by participating in the TMN Tag Team Tourney. Entering as the bottm #16 seed, they were ousted from the competition by former champions Team Old School in the beginning round.

Following the M4G-Nation's transition to WWE '13, their last in-ring appearance was against the debuting Million Dollar Bounty, whom they were able to attain victory over. The group disbanded after Ryu Hayabusa parted ways with the company.


  • The team's name is inspired by the Star Wars character of the same name.

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