Quan Chi
Origin Mortal Kombat
Debut: November 24th 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Spear, Headlock driver

Quan Chi is a character from the famed Mortal Kombat games. He is a non-active member of the D-League


Little is known about Quan-Chi's past other than he's been able to roam the realms without detection from the Elder Gods for years using sorcery. While in the Netherealm, Quan-Chi stumbled upon the fallen elder god Shinnok and freed him from his bonds. While Shinnok reigned in the Netherealm, Quan-Chi caused havoc in the others realms including serving Shao Kahn and even going as far as killing Scorpion's family to get what he desired. While serving as Shinnok's arch-sorcerer he stumbled upon Shinnok's amulet of great power. But rather than return it to its owner, Quan-Chi gave Shinnok a fake keeping the real one for himself so he could overthrow him. Before Quan-Chi could make his move however, an enraged Scorpion (who found out the truth about his family) took the sorcerer to the Netherealm with him. Somehow, Quan-Chi was able to break free from the Netherealm and aligned himself with Shang Tsung to dominate the realms. Quan-Chi is cunning sorcerer and a master manipulator, taking any risks needed to rise to the top. At one time he even formed an alliance with Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn and Onaga - three guys he never trusted but knew their help would get him the prize of ultimate power. 


Quan Chi would win his debut matchup vs Bizzaro with the spear finishing move. He would be in a fatal four way matchup vs other new roster members Green ArrowStrider Hiryu, and The Predator to become the number one contender for the Solar Flare Championship. At Space Jam Quan Chi would defeat Zangief to become the new Solar Flare Champion and win his first major championship. Quan Chi would suffer his first lost against the Hulk in a steel cage dark match after Hulk escaped the cage. He would then start a rivalry with The Predator over the Solar Flare Championship. The Predator would win against Quan Chi in an Inferno match at Supernova 2 and would gain the championship. Quan Chi would then challenge Predator in a 2 out of 3 falls match at Northern Lights 2: Electric Lights. Quan Chi would make a clean sweep, pinning Predator twice. Quan Chi would then face Ryu in a champion vs champion match. Both competitors were not letting up on each other but the match would end in a draw after both were attacked by Devimon. Quan Chi would later vacate the Solar Flare Championship to "go onto better things." Quan Chi would be entered into the M4G-Nation Green Royal Rumble but failed to get an elimination. He would call out Deadpool saying that Deadpool had not "earned" a shot at the M4G-Nation Green Championship when he came out as the last entrant in the rumble. Quan Chi would later fight Deadpool in a match where if Deadpool lost, he would face Ryu at Galactic Throwdown 3. But if Quan Chi lost, he would have to go to the D-League for a season. Quan Chi would put up a good fight but would lose to Deadpool.


  • Quan Chi is the first person to go from the main roster to the D-League via match stipulation.
  • Quan-Chi is also the first person to have won a championship in the main roster before being demoted to the D-League.
  • Quan-Chi is the first person to have won the Solar Flare Championship twice. He is also the first person to voluntarily relinquish the title.


Solar Flare Championship (2 Time)

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