Purple Championship
Current Champion(s): Rogue
Date Won: November 6, 2015
Past Champions: Elsa, Cammy
The Purple Championship, also known as the Women's Championship and formerly the Blue Divas Championship, is a title contested for in the M4G-Nation Purple brand. It is the only title available in the division, and is thus the most prestigious.

Rogue is the current champion, having won the title from Cammy on episode 50 of M4G-Nation Blue.

History Edit

The Blue Divas Championship was introduced at the advent of the Blue and Green brand split, with M4G-Nation Blue all but abandoning the Harlot Division Championship and it's associated division. The overhaul of the Harlots was a result of The M4G-Nation shying away from the inappropriate content following Packard's departure from the commentary booth. Thus, the Women's Division was founded, with a newfangled emphasis on in-ring skill and athleticism. Elsa was awarded the Blue Divas Championship by The Unwashed, therefore making her its first champion.

M4G-Nation's only female-oriented title was renamed to the Purple Championship alongside the creation of M4G-Nation Purple, a secondary show which focused on the Women's Division.

Reigns Edit

# Wrestler Reigns Date Days Held Event
1 Elsa 1 March 1, 2015 221 Big Bang 3: Bangarang
2 Cammy 1 October 8, 2015 29 Galactic Throwdown 4
3 Rogue 1 November 6, 2015 1+ M4G-Nation Blue Episode 50

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