Origin Pokemon
Debut: April 4, 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Unknown
Pikachu is a rat-like Pokemon from the Pokemon video game and anime series, who competed in the M4G-Nation in a male humanoid form.

In the same vein as Yoko Kurama and Broly, Pikachu has merely appeared in the first Elimination Chamber match and the first Royal Rumble.


Pikachu is a breed of Pokemon and the first Pokemon used by the legendary pokemon master Ash Ketchum. Despite a hostile relationship at the start of the series, Ash and Pikachu eventually became the strongest of companions. Ash's Pikachu is pretty incredible. He has battled legendary Pokemons and is one of the strongest of his kind. However, most of his accomplishments have been as a result of his trainer's quick-thinking and incredible luck in battle. Also, he for some reason refuses to evolve into the much stronger Raichu. However, he's proven himself just as strong as a Riachu without the transformation.


An odd addition to the roster, Pikachu made his debut in the inaugural Elimination Chamber match held for number one contendership for the then-known ExtraSolar Championship. The match also involved Bojack, Broly, Darth Maul, Yoko Kurama, and Captain America. In spite of being the most diminutive out of the rest of his opposition, the yellow rat Pokemon proved to be resilient and hardy, having persevered tacticfully and advanced on to the final two competitors standing. He even nearly pinned Bojack to become the winner of the elimination chamber By the match's conclusion, Pikachu was unable to withstand Bojack's offense, and was the final man to fall victim to the latter's finishing maneuver - the Unbound.

The second of two matches participated in by Pikachu was a Royal Rumble match, contested for the now-defunct Inter-Universal Championship. As entrant number 22 out of 30, Pikachu made little impact on the opposing roster, merely eliminating Mace Windu before falling victim to his trainer Ash Ketchum. Afterwards, Pikachu has never been seen again in the M4G-Nation.

Pikachu would make his return on September 21st 2013 to the D-League as a free agent. He would however lose the match rather quickly.


  • Pikachu is the first fictional animal to appear in the M4G-Nation, and is the fourth Pokemon character debuted, behind Ash KetchumBrock, and Jessie.
  • Out of the three characters who only appeared in the first Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble (also including Broly and Yoko Kurama), Pikachu is tied for the least amount of eliminations in the royal rumble with Broly, and has survived in the elimination chamber for the longest time.

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