Paul Phoenix
Origin Tekken
Debut: November 22nd 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: (Death Valley Driver and Delayed gutwrench suplex[)

Paul Phoenix is a character from the popular fighting video game series Tekken and is an active member of the M4G-Nation Green Roster.


Paul Phoenix is an American-Born street fighter, assembling an impressive record in street fighting around the world. Paul's quest to prove he's the best fighter in the world led him to Kazuya Mishima, and the two went to a draw. This fight ate away at Paul, who considered Kazuya to be his rival. Paul and Kazuya would meet again in the first King Of Iron Fist Tournament, where Kazuya would defeat Paul after an intense battle in the final round of the tournament. Time and time again, Paul came close to winning the tournament. In the second tournament, Paul made it to the finals with reigning champion Kazuya but a motorcycle accident prevented him from competing. In the third tournament, Paul actually defeated Ogre in its first form and won the tournament. However, when Ogre transformed the tournament restarted and Paul was no longer offically recognised as the champion. Paul was enraged that the Mishima Zibatszu officially declared Jin Kazama the real winner and not him, and declared himself the Unidsputed champion. He entered the 4th tournament to prove it, but was defeated by Kuma. Paul avenged his loss to Kuma in the next tournament, but the exhausation from that fight prevented Paul from continuing. Paul is determined to prove his strength to the world and is considered argubably the strongest non-Mishima human in Tekken history.


Paul Phoenix would make his debut on November 22nd 2013 on M4G-Nation green roster and would lose to The Predator. He would then team with Captain Falcon to create The Fire Birds. They would lose to Red Death on December 8th, 2013. He would later be put in a Money in the Bank match and would win the briefcase. He would then go on a winning streak for a while. He tried to cash in on his contract against Captain America but was ambushed by Cell and was beaten down by both men. His winning streak would end when he faced Captain America in a non-title match. Paul Phoenix would stay in the background for a while until M4Gamania where he took advantage of Captain America and Cell being knocked out by Yusuke Urameshi and Goku after Captain America had intentionally disqualified himself to retain the championship against Green Goblin. Paul Phoenix would win the M4G-Nation Green Championship as a result.

Accomplishments Edit

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