Pat James Regan is a commentator and part-time wrestler for the M4G-Nation under the alias of "Blackwing".

PJR has been present ever since the first video and is still part of the commentary team. He's even competed in the M4G-Nation under the alias of "Blackwing" and has come close to winning the Atom-Weight Championship and the Royal Rumble. PJR has competed more times in the M4G-Nation than the rest of the commentary team. He's even fought former Inter-Universal Champion Yusuke Urameshi.

M4G-Nation History As A CommentatorEdit

PJR commentated on the first ever video back in February 28th 2012 alongside M4GNITUDE and Packard. Pat is normally neutral at the commentary booth and doesn't really back either the faces or the heels extensively. However, like the rest of the commentary booth he has a hatred of Ash Ketchum.

Pat has been responsible for a number of running gags in the show. It was PJR that started off the Red Ranger's gimmick as the "Cthulhu Squirrel Red Ranger" after delivering a high-pitch screech during the 3rd ever Royal Rumble attempting a squirrel impression. Ever since, Pat normally pulls off the same screech whenever Red Ranger competes.

Pat also sings the "Big Bitch" song whenever Samus appears. The song is a parody of real-life wrestler The Big Show's old theme song and was first sung during a fatal four way match on April 16th 2013 involving Samus when Packard referred to Samus as a "Big Bitch".

Pat also randomly shouts out "Welcome To The M4G-Nation. Pat James Regan here" during matches and goes along with jokes made by the other commentators. He even sings "With Arms Wide Open" by Creed with Trevor when Jason Voorhees delivers his finisher "With Arms Wide Open".

In-Ring Career As BlackwingEdit

The original M4G-Nation character "Blackwing" debuted on July 20th during the Atom-Weight Championship tournament, defeating Dante in an impressive debut. Continently, PJR was not present at the commentary booth during the match, and did not appear during the rest of Blackwing's matches in the tournament either. Blackwing even defeated Android 17 in the quarter finals, but fell to Jesus Christ at the Semi Finals. Blackwing would not appear again until December, but in between that PJR revealed that he is in fact Blackwing, explaining his absence during Blackwing's matches.

He did return as Blackwing on December 22nd 2012 during the 3rd ever Royal Rumble after announcing at the start at the video that he would be an entrant. He appeared as the 40th and last entrant in the match and was in the final three alongside the Super Saiyan Goku and fellow commentator Packard. After it came down to him and Packard, Blackwing would eventually be eliminated by him - finishing as the runner up in the Royal Rumble.

Blackwing's last appearance in the M4G-Nation occured on April 11th 2013. He was competing against former Inter-Universal Champion Yusuke Urameshi, who would be fired if he lost. However, Yusuke would defeat Blackwing to stay employed. PJR's defeat brought him much abuse by the rest of the commentators. Blackwing would make his return at Galactic Throwdown III teaming with the Cookie Monster to defeat Team SFW(The Shadow and Captain Pollution).

Theme SongEdit


Lou Bega - Mambo No 503:43

Lou Bega - Mambo No 5

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