One and a Half Men
Members: Tony Hawk


Origins Real Life (Tony Hawk)

Dragon Ball (Krillin)

Debut: September 22, 2012
Careers: Dissolved
Finishing Moves: Tony Hawk - Birdman (450° splash - with theatrics)

Krillin - Destructo Disc (Canadian destroyer variant)

One and a Half Men is an unofficial name for a former tag team, which was made up of real life skateboarder Tony Hawk and the fictional Dragon Ball hero Krillin. They had a brief stint as participants of the TMN Tag Team Tourney.


The tandem composed of the less serious M4G-Nation employees Tony Hawk and Krillin made their debut as participants of the TMN Tag Team Tourney, set to decide the top prospects for the Tag Team Championship. Their vision of becoming the tag team champions was cut short when they lost against Spartan Fury in the first round. During their losing battle, WWE '12 encountered the infamous 'Freeze Glitch', which - as the name implies, caused both Tony Hawk and King Leonidas to remain still for the duration of the match. Left without a partner to fend for him, Krillin was effortlessly pinned by Kratos.

While their opposition proceeded to win the event and the Tag Team Championship, Krillin and Tony Hawk were among the few teams to make no appearances outside the tournament. Their union was separated when the duo were each released from the M4G-Nation.


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