Northern Lights
was a pay-per-view held by the M4G-Nation on March 3, 2013, it was the company's sixth pay-per-view event.

The main event of the match was between Goku and defending champion Jack-6 for the now defunct Inter-Universal Championship. The episode is also notable for being the first pay-per-view to not hold a match for the Harlot Division Championship since its inception, as the title was curently vacant at the moment, and the Ice Cream Social tournament was underway by the recording of this event. The finals of said tournament would conclude by the following pay-per-view - Absolute Zero.


Northern Lights featured professional wrestling matches involving different wrestlers from pre-existing feuds, plots, and storylines that play out on the M4G-Nation's daily show. Wrestlers portray heels or faces as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches.

On February 4, 2013, Jack-6 entered the ring to celebrate his earned Inter-Universal Championship from Darth Vader at Supernova. However, in the events prior, he attacked Goku backstage - who was set to face Captain America in order to earn a title match against Darth Vader. Injuring Goku, Jack-6 then took the former's place in the #1 contenders match, and hospitalized Captain America in his countout victory to challenge for the title. During Jack-6's boasting, Goku makes his return to the M4G-Nation and confronts Jack-6, immediately challenging him for the title. Jack-6 successfully retained his title from Goku by attacking him with a steel chair thus losing via disqualification. After Goku won his #1 contenders match against Darth Vader, Jack-6 arrived temporarily, and was joined by a number of members from the Buu Supremacy - whom he was recruited into to reform the faction, to aid him in assaulting Goku. Goku later addressed his rivalry with the Buu Supremacy, labelling them as cowards for attacking him. For this reason, Jack-6 appeared once more to confront Goku, ordering the same assailants to team up and attack the latter once again. This helped set up their match against one another at Northern Lights.

On the previous day before SupernovaSports Authority bribed #1 contenders Mortal Kombat for a total of $100,000 in order to receive the privilege to face defending champions Spartan Fury for the Tag Team Championship. Despite winning their match at the pay-per-view, Sports Authority did so by countout, meaning that they were unable to win the title. They held a title rematch with Spartan Fury on the February 5 episode of the M4G-Nation, this time in a TLC match in order to prevent the same fate they suffered at their previous title match. While Sports Authority lost the brawl, Mortal Kombat remained to be recognized as the original #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship, and challenged Spartan Fury for the title as they were supposed to one pay-per-view ago.

One minor feud heading into the PPV was between defending Hardcore Champion Cookie Monster, Vegeta, and Space Ghost. After Bandit Keith won a Fatal 4 Way match Extreme Rules match also including Yusuke Urameshi, Skeletor, and Space Ghost, he was set out to fight Vegeta for the Hardcore Championship on February 7, 2013. However, moments prior to the match, Vegeta was assaulted backstage by Cookie Monster, defeating Vegeta via knockout in what was an impromptu match for the title. The recently crowned champion subsequently beat Bandit Keith in what was supposed to be the latter's match against Vegeta for the title, but because Cookie Monster won the title minutes beforehand, he was then rescheduled to fight the new champion. For Cookie Monster's scheduled title defense at Northern Lights, the match stipulation was reverted to a triple threat match, meaning that another #1 contenders match had been conducted to decide said contender. The preliminary match was of a triple threat match between Black Dynamite, and returning combatants in the first contenders match Skeletor and Space Ghost. Space Ghost emerged as the victor in his second opportunity to challenge for the title, while Vegeta used his rematch clause to become the final competitor in the PPV's triple threat TLC battle.

On the February 20 episode of the M4G-Nation, Buu Supremacy member Marcus Fenix defeated Galactic Champion Jason Voorhees in a non title match, proving his mettle against the title wielder.  Two days before the initiation of Northern Lights, a Fatal Four Way #1 contenders match was held with the winner being able to challenge Jason Voorhees for the Galactic Championship. Master Chief won the match which also involved Trunks, Bandit Keith, and The Hulk, thus paving the way for a triple threat match between himself, Jason Voorhees, and Marcus Fenix.

A six-man Elimination Chamber was held on the February 21 episode of the M4G-Nation to determine a #1 contender for the Atom-Weight Championship. In the match, Tien Shinhan would last eliminate The Flash and earn his right to challenge Ash Ketchum for the title.


# Match Stipulation
1 Tien Shinhan defeated Ash Ketchum (c) to win the Atom-Weight Championship. Singles match for the Atom-Weight Championship
2 Jason Voorhees (c) defeated Master Chief and Marcus Fenix to retain the Galactic Championship. Triple threat match for the Galactic Campiosnhip
3 Vegeta defeated Cookie Monster (c) and Space Ghost to win the Hardcore Championship. Triple threat TLC match for the Hardcore Championship
4 Mortal Kombat (Sub-Zero & Scorpion) defeated Spartan Fury (King Leonidas & Kratos) (c) to win the Tag Team Championship. Tag team match for the Tag Team Championship
5 Jack-6 (c) defeated Goku to retain the Inter-Universal Championship. Extreme Rules match for the Inter-Universal Championship.
  • (c) refers to the champion(s) entering the match


M4G-Nation PPV Northern Lights 03-03-201301:59:51

M4G-Nation PPV Northern Lights 03-03-2013



  • In the match between Tien Shinhan and Ash Ketchum, the lighting was inexplicably shut off several minutes into the match. When the lights were restored, Ash Ketchum was found unconscious and pinned by Tien. In retribution, Ash appeared moments after the Galactic Championship match on the pay-per-view, and attacked Tien during the latter's interview in regards to the lighting scenario. It was later revealed that Ezio was behind the lighting malfunction and the premeditated assault on Ash.

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