Origin Dragon Ball
Debut: July 19, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Exploding Wave (aka Nappa Suplex) (Oklahoma Roll transitioned into a German suplex), Earthquake Slam (Falling powerslam), Chou Makouhou ( Reverse piledriver)

Nappa is an antagonist from Dragon Ball Z. He is a member of Trevolution and is an active member of the D-League.

Nappa was one of the Saiyans who came to earth to find Goku. He was killed by fellow Saiyan, Vegeta, after being beaten by Goku.


Nappa (ナッパ) is an antagonist in the Dragon Ball manga, and in the anime Dragon Ball Z, also making short appearances in Dragon Ball GT. He is an elite Saiyan warrior from Planet Vegeta, and Vegeta's partner in combat. Prior to the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Nappa was the General of the Saiyan Army under the Planet Trade Organization and aid/partner to the young Prince Vegeta as well. After his race's demise, he along with Vegeta and Raditz work as soldiers directly under Frieza, which leads him to Earth. His name is a pun on a type of Chinese cabbage.



Nappa was Trevor's fifth pick for Trevolution in the D-League. He won his debut match in a 6-man battle royal against Charmander, Godzilla, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Dragon Dragon, and Juggernaut earning a shot for the TMNxt Championship in an Armageddon Hell In A Cell match at a later date.

Nappa was the 8th entrant in the D-League Royal Rumble and was eliminated by Godzilla.

One week later, he would lose in the Armageddon Hell In A Cell title match against Burger King, The Riddler, James Bond, The Man in the Yellow Hat, and Johnny Bravo.

In TMNXT 8, he won an elimination chamber by eliminating the Juggernaut, El Generico, and Migdet Jericho.

In the winners chamber, Nappa scored no eliminations and was eliminated by The Punisher.

In the D-League Tournament, Nappa(seed # 6) faced off against Blake Griffin( seed # 27) in the first round. He was able to beat him and move on to round 2. His next opponent was Mario (seed #22) in an extreme rules match. Mario was able to beat Nappa and move on. 

2k14 D-League Re-Draft Edit

During the re-Draft over to 2k14, Nappa was returned to Trevolution in the second round.

During S2 E2, he faced off against Bowser, Winnie the Pooh, Carnage, Donkey Kong, and Bugs Bunny.  He had no eliminations and got 3rd.

During the TMNXT Royal Rumble, Nappa entered at Number 16. He was able to eliminate Johnny Bravo, Deathstroke, and Gohan. He was eliminated by Mr Rodgers.

During chamber week, Nappa actually was eliminated first by Mr. Rodgers. Which meant he had to go to the last place match. In that match he had no eliminations and got 2nd place. In between TMNXT episodes 7, 8, and 9. There was a Royal Rumble on Blue that featured 4 d-leaguers. Those four were Punisher, Nappa, Smoke, and Burger King. Nappa was able to eliminate Burger King and Brock before getting eliminated by Punisher. 

During the Purge, Nappa was the 3rd man drafted to Blue. 

Theme SongEdit

TFS Dragon Ball Z Abridged Ghost Nappa02:06

TFS Dragon Ball Z Abridged Ghost Nappa


  • Nappa killed two members of the M4g-Nation during the events of Dragon Ball Z. They were Piccolo and Tien Shinhan.
  • Nappa originally thought that Trevolution was D-Generation X because Triple H was in both Evolution and DX.
  • Nappa's the "walls of nappa" is based off of the"walls of jericho."
  • In the M4G-Nation, Nappa is based on his TeamFourStar Parody counterpart from the Dragonball Z Abridged series. He appears in the league as a comedy character like in Abridged, which is nothing like his appearance in the actual series.

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