Origin Digimon Adventure
Debut: December 22, 2012
Career: Inactive
Finishing Move: Crimson Lightning (Over the shoulder sitout sidewalk slam.)

Myotismon is an undead Digimon from the Digimon anime, trading card game, and video game series, who is currently signed to the M4G-Nation as a fictional wrestler.

Self-appointed as the leader of the stable Neo-Underworld, Myotismon often appears in tag team matches, having fought in a singles match only once.


Myotismon made his debut in the third official Royal Rumble match on December 22, 2012, entering in at #20. Since being eliminated from the match by Black Dynamite, Myotismon then faced Bojack on Christmas Eve in a losing effort. Surprisingly, the Digimon superstar then made an appearance in his first PPV in a relatively brief 8 days following his debut. In said appearance on Big Bang, the jokingly dubbed 'Jamaican Vampire' paired up with the Sith lord veteran Darth Maul by fan request through a poll conducted on Facebook to partake in a title match against then champions Spartan Fury for the Tag Team Championship. Despite displaying a valiant effort with near-falls on several occasions, the duo were unable to topple the team of King Leonidas and Kratos.

Afterwards, Myotismon formed the stable Neo-Underworld with Skeletor. Their inaugural match was recorded on January 14, 2013, and was against Sports Authority, where they were beaten by the real life superstars. Following their defeat, the stable recruited Adolf Hitler into their ranks two months later, and fought in a six man tag team match against Buu, Bojack, and Marcus Fenix, each of the Buu Supremacy. Making a second appearance in the Royal Rumble, Myotismon entered at #23 and managed to eliminate Ash Ketchum in a record 13 seconds. Soon afterwards, he was next to be eliminated by Bane. What followed for the undead Digimon was himself and stable ally Skeletor fighting Mortal Kombat two months later, but they would fail to triumph over the tag team champions. Two days later, Myotismon was attacked and injured backstage courtesy of the Buu Supremacy's namesake leader, Buu. The battered Digimon villain was thus sidelined and required reconstruction surgery for his face in the meantime. Cleared to fight in the M4G-Nation once more, Myotismon returned on May 31 2013 in the second of the Neo-Underworld's six man tag team matches, this time battling the likes of Trunks, Link, and Raphael. In a lengthy 39 minute scuffle, the Neo-Underworld emerged as the victor, securing their second win as a faction.

Securing another shot at the Tag Team Championship, Myotismon paired with his stable ally Skeletor to participate in a tag team gauntlet match at Galactic Throwdown II (2013). At the PPV, the duo were randomly selected as one of the beginning entrants, facing off against Mortal Kombat, who they managed to eliminate. However, they were unable to replicate their success against one of the longest reigning tag team champions Spartan Fury. At Singularity, he and the Neo-Underworld celebrated Hitler's win over Jesus.

Myotismon was the 6th entrant in the Royal Rumble of August 2013 and managed to eliminate Ironman before being eliminated by Ryu. He then lost a fatal fourway for the Hardcore Championship against Captain Falcon, Cookie Monster, and Red Ranger.

Myotismon recently returned to Galactic Throwdown 3 with his partner Skeletor, reforming the Neo Underworld, and coming out to a new theme song. They beat Xotica Xpress (Brock and Broly) to become The Tag Team Champions.


  • Myotismon's entrance resembles that of real life superstar Gangrel.
  • Despite being labeled by PJR as a 'Jamaican Vampire', Myotismon is an undead Digimon. However, coincidentally enough, his Japanese name derives from the mythological names for Demon and Vampire.
  • He currently holds the record for the fastest elimination in the Royal Rumble, knocking out former Atom-Weight Champion Ash Ketchum in a record 13 seconds.
  • During his stint in the M4G-Nation, Myotismon is constantly mocked for his abnormally elongated arms.
  • The length of his arms are noticable during his entrance to the ring, where he holds his chalice filled with blood (supposedly, as Gangrel's own chalice contained what is portrayed to be blood) with curved arms lacking a conscipuous point in the elbow region.
  • Crimson Lightning - Myotismon's finishing maneuver, had its name borrowed from the title of one of his own attacks used in the MMORPG video game Digimon Masters.
  • Myotismon carries the distinction of being merely one of the few active superstars to debut at a Royal Rumble match.
  • His current win/loss record attained in singles and tag team matches combined is 3-5.
  • Myotismon's design in 2K14 has improved greatly from 13, as the 2K14 version looks a lot more like Myotismon

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