Mr Incredible
Mr incredible
Origin The Incredibles
Debut: September 2nd 2012
Career: Inactive (deceased)
Finishing Move: The Incredible Slam (Tombstone Piledriver pose transitioned into a front slam)

Mr Incredible is a member of the team of Superheroes known as the "Incredibles" and was a member of the M4G-Nation roster.

Mr Incredible only ever appeared twice in the M4G-Nation and proved himself as a very capable competitor in the 2nd Royal Rumble match and against MMA fighter Kimbo Slice. Despite impressive showings, Mr Incredible hardly ever appeared. However, his wife Elastigirl is currently a member of the M4G-Nation roster, so Incredible could return to accompany his wife.


Mr Incredible debuted in the 2nd ever M4G-Nation Royal Rumble match on September 2nd. He eliminated 50 Cent, but was eliminated by Sub-Zero. Incredible would make his singles match debut on the 9th of September against newcomer Kimbo Slice and would pick up the win. He has not be seen in the M4G-Nation since.


  • The M4G-Nation commentators would normally shout out Mr Incredible's name in the style of how TNA Wrestler Mr Anderson would normally shout his name during his entrance.

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