Origin Mega Man
Debut: May 30, 2013
Career: Inactive
Finishing Move: Blue Bomber (Barrage of gut punches and spinning back knuckles, ending with a windup K.O punch)

MegaMan is a character from the video game title of the same name from Capcom and is an active member of the roster.

MegaMan is one half of the former Tag Team Champions alongside Vegeta as The Blues Brothers. MegaMan has had a great reception overall by every single fan and member of the booth.


MegaMan has had one match an a fatal four way match vs DeadpoolSpiderman, and Captain Falcon. MegaMan would impress many and would prove to be a very good fighter. MegaMan failed to win the match but would have a bright future. He would be team with longtime roster member Vegeta and they would enter the tag team gauntlet match for the Tag Team Championships at Galactic Throwdown II. The pair would be known as The Blues Brothers and would be the last time to enter the match. Being fresh, they would become the new Tag Team Champions after defeating The Westeros. However, they would lose their titles to Khal Drogo and Poseidon in a rematch at Singularity. MegaMan participated in the August 10th, 2013, tournament for a shot at the Internet Championship. He lost in the first round by countout to Captain America. Megaman would have some bad luck from time to time but would eventually win a six man ladder match for the Atom-Weight Championship. After he won the title he would become a more ferocious fighter, pummeling anyone in his way. He has even knocked out Dante and Spiderman mid-air and won each match. He would later lose the title to Gambit in a Fatal Four-way eliminator.

Theme SongEdit


S.S.H. - Dr03:07

S.S.H. - Dr. Wily Stage(Rockman 2)

With Vegeta

Blues Brothers - Jailhouse Rock03:20

Blues Brothers - Jailhouse Rock



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