Master Chief
Master Chief
Master Chief winning the Galactic Championship
Origin Halo
Debut: April 18th 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Shield Drain (Firemans carry cutter)

Master Chief is a character from the highly popluar Halo video game seires was a former member of Shadow Force Wrestling and is an active member of the M4G-Nation Blue roster. He is currently the TMN Green Champion.

Master Chief is a former three time Galactic Champion. He has been a very active member of the roster since his debut and has fought many of the best of the best. Master Chief is a veteran on the roster and one of the best ever to set foot in the M4G-Nation Ring.


Early Victories and Leave TakingEdit

Master Chief would debut on April 18th in a ladder match for a chance at the Extra-Solar Championship (Former  name of the Galactic Championship). He would face off vs Captain Planet, Hiei, and Android 16 and would find a way to win the match and become the number one contender for the newly name Galactic Championship vs. Bojack. They would face off in a 20 minute iron man match on April 25th 2013. It would be announced that on May 9th 2012 that the M4G-Nation would join with Shadow Force Wrestling. As part of the cross over, Master Chief would leave M4G-Nation to sign to Shadow Force Wresting and he would take the Galactic Championship with him. However he would lose the title soon after on Shadow Force Wrestling to the Joker. After Shadow FOrce Wrestling shut down his future became unknown.

Return and FailureEdit

He would make his return on the second ever M4G-Nation Royal Rumble at number 17 but would be taken out in two minutes by The Hulk. His first normal match in the M4G-Nation was in a tag team match. Master Chief and Iron Man would form The Iron Giants. They would take on the Tag Team Champions Optimus Prime and Sephiroth for the Tag Team Championships. Unfortunately they would lose with Master Chief being pinned by Optimus Prime. The next match for the Iron Giants would be in the tag team tournment to find new number one contenders. They would face Team Badass with the Iron Giants favored to win 47-8(Some people had Iron Giants go all the way.) In one of the biggest upsets of the year Team Badass would defeat The Iron Giants (Master Chief would receive three stunners courtesy of Duke Nukem and a Angle slam from Johnny Bravo before being pinned).

Return #2Edit

Master Chief would take months off to recover and try to find magic. He would return to try to win an elimination chamber match vs. Marcus Fenix, King, Captain Planet, Bane, and Jesus. Master Chief would come out fourth but would be eliminated by Marcus Fenix. Master Chief would then battle Kratos on November 11th 2012 and would win the match by pinfall. Master Chief would then complete in the Big bang PPV elimination chamber match for the Galactic Championship. He would face off vs. The Hulk, Bane, Bojack, Jason Voorhees, and the champ Jack-6. He would start the match and eliminate Bojack and The Hulk before making it to the final two. It would be Master Chief vs. Jason with Jason hitting Master Chief with the Wide Arms Wide Open to become the champion. This would mark the beginning of the Master Chief vs. Jason rivalry.

Chase for the Galactic Title and Alliance with GokuEdit

Master Chief would take part in two triple threat matches to decide two number one contenders for the new Galactic Champion Jason. Master Chief would win the first one and then the final match to face Marcus Fenix and Jason in a triple threat match at the Northern Lights PPV. Jason would pin Marcus Fenix while Master Chief could not stop the pin.

Master Chief would put his chase for the Galactic Championship on hold while he helped his friend Goku. Master Chief would say he is not scared of the Supermacy who had prevented Goku from getting the M4G-Nation Championship. Master Chief offered his help which Goku accepted. Master Chief would take part in a six man elimination tag team for the M4G-Nation Championship. It would be Master Chief, Goku, and Raphael vs Marcus Fenix, Bojack, and Jack-6. Master Chief would pin Marcus Fenix but would be eliminated by Bojack and Goku would get pinned by Jack-6 so Team Goku would lose the match and Jack-6 would retain.

Master Chief would then try to win the Galactic title again by winning a 10 man royal rumble to once again become the number one contender for Jason's Galactic Championship. They would face each other at Vernal Equinox. This was the first time that Master Chief and Jason would face off in a one on one match. While they had faced off before twice it was with other fighters inovlved. Over time they had built respect for each other and had come to see each other as friends. As a result the match at Vernal Equinox, Master Chief would win the match and become the Galactic Champion.

Second reginEdit

Master Chief would defend his championship vs Jason who was able to become the number one contednder by beating King Leondias and then Ryu. They would fight in a ladder match for the title and somehow Master chief would defeat Jason. However Captain Pollution would confront Master Chief backstage claiming he had best watch his back because he and the Supremacy were coming after him. 

At Galactic Throwdown II (2013), Master Chief was to defend his championship against The Hulk, who won a six man armageddon Hell in a Cell match to earn his spot in the title bout. Despite being on the receiving end of numerous spears, punches, and even a gravity defying splash onto the announcing table, Master Chief remained resilient, and successfully retained his belt against the super heavyweight. On the 3rd of July, Pollution called out Master Chief for a Galactic title match. Master Chief accepted, on the condition that Pollution and Jesus beats him and a partner of his choosing on the 4th of July. Master Chief would choose the Hulk as his partner but Buu and Zangief would assault Master Chief backstage making it a 2-1 handicap match. Jesus would pin The Hulk causing Captain Pollution vs Master Chief for the Galactic Championship to happen at Singularity. Chief would lose the belt to Pollution at the PPV, meaning that the Supremacy would gain a lot more control as they ended up having the Galactic Championship, Internet Championship and the M4G-Nation Championship.

Defeat of The SupremacyEdit

Master Chief was the 34th entrant in the August 2013 Royal Rumble and was eliminated by Ezio. Over the course of August, a 7 on 7 elimination tag match between Team Goku and Buu Supremacy where the losers would be fired until 2014 was scheduled to take place at Solar Eclipse 2. At the PPV Chief failed to regain the title from Pollution. He then came out as the last member of Team M4G-Nation in the 7 vs 7 match and was eliminated by Jack-6 leaving Dante to defeat both Jack and Spiderman by himself causing Team M4G-Nation to win the match.

Third Galactic ChampionshipEdit

Master Chief would then participate in a 6 man ladder match to earn a number-one contendership for the Galactic Championship, and would win, once again securing a match against Pollution, this time at Big Bang 2 (2013). It would be a triple threat match with the returning Ask Ketchum but iw would not matter as Master Chief would pin Caprain Pollution to capture the Galactic Championship for the third time in his career.

On the State of the M4G-Nation of October 9th 2013 Master Chief was leaving the arena when he would be attacked by former Team M4G-Nation teammate Boba Fett. Master Chief would lose the Galactic Championship to Captain Pollution in Hell in a cell at M4Gamania 2.

M4G-Nation GreenEdit

Master Chief would take a brief leave of absense in order to train. He would make his return in a M4G-Nation Green Royal Rumble but would be eliminated quickly. He would then face Internet Champion Deadpool in a singles match. Deadpool would pull an upset pinning Master Chief.

Entrance ThemeEdit

Halo 3 electric guitar theme04:13

Halo 3 electric guitar theme


  • First Galactic Champion
  • Intergalactic Championship (3 Time)
  • Money In The Bank Winner (1 Time)
  • M4GNation Green Champion (1 Time) (Current)


  • Master Chief entrance would mirror that of real life WWE Superstar Chris Jericho.
  • In WWE '12 Master Chief was much more bulky and more robotic, while in WWE '13, Master Chief's helmet was much more real and the armor popped more.
  • Master Chief has been called Master Chef since both names are only different by one letter.
  • Master Chief is the only three time Galactic Champion and the only person to win a male championship three times.
  • Master Chief is a career 14-14 not counting rumble matches.

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