Origin Donkey Kong
Debut: May 9, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: F-5

Mario is the main protagonist of his own video game series. He is a member of The Little Cruise that Could and is an active member of the D-League.


Mario Bros.Edit

Mario and Luigi both debuted in a 2 on 1 handicap match against Marcus Fenix in which they lost after Marcus pinned Luigi. Mario wasn't seen again for over a year.


Mario was Packard's third pick for The Little Cruise That Could in the D-League. He made his redebut by losing a 6-man battle royal against Piccolo, Johnny Bravo, Thor, Popeye, and Sonic The Hedgehog.

Mario was the 13th entrant in the D-League Royal Rumble and was eliminated by Johnny Bravo.

On TMNXT 15 he fights Vs Heelboy winningvthe match

Theme SongEdit

Powerglove - Mario Minor04:11

Powerglove - Mario Minor


  • Mario's entrance mimics that of Hulk Hogan.
  • He is 1-2 in his caarer.

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