Marcus Fenix
Marcus Fenix
Origin Gears of War
Debut: May 9, 2012
Career: Inactive
Finishing Move: Locust DDT (Swinging snap DDT)
Marcus Fenix is the main protagonist from the Gears of War series of Video games and is an active member of the M4G-nation roster.

Marcus Fenix is a longtime active member of the roster and is a member of the Buu Supremacy. Marcus is one of the longest standing members of the roster having fought near the beginning of M4G-Nation. He has also had many chances to claim championships most notable the Galactic Championship. Currently he is banned from competing in the M4G-Nation until 2014, due to him being a member of the Buu Supremacy when they lost the "Losing Team Gone Till 2014" Elimination Match at Solar Eclipse 2.


Early DaysEdit

Marcus would make his debut vs The Mario Brothers in a 2-1 handicap match May 9th. Marcus would pin Luigi winning the match. This win would give marcus a shot for the Galactic championsip in a six man ladder match on May 30th. He would face Bojack, Ryu, Optimus Prime, Captain Planet, and Jack-6. Marcus would touch the title many times but was unable to win the championship as Jack-6 won the match.

Buu SupremacyEdit

Two days after Galactic Throwdown Marcus would have a match with Thor. The avenger would win the match but would be attacked by Bojack and Buu. A few days later it was revealed that Marcus Fenix has joined Bojack and Buu and formed the with the others the Buu Supremacy. Marcus's next match would be with The Hulk on July 24th. Marcus would defeat the monster in a shocking result.

A few days following Galactic Throwdown Marcus Fenix would take part in the first ever Money in the Bank vs Darth Maul, Ryu, The Hulk, Blue Ranger, and Captain America. Marcus would again come close to winning the match but was unable to get the briefcase as Captain America won.

TMN Tag Team TourneyEdit

Marcus would team with Bojack to become the tag team The Supermacy in the TMN Tag Team Tourney. They would be seeded 14 in the event and take on the team of Rorscharch and Batman. Marcus and Bojack would pull off the upset and move on in the event. In round 2 they would defeat Trunks and Raphael in move to the semi finals. In the semi finals both members would be unable to move to the final round as they were beaten by Blue Ranger and Sonic ending there run.

Title ChasingEdit

Marcus Fenix would then complete in the third ever Elimination chamber match. Marcus would start the match and last 17:50 and would eliminate King, Captain Planet, Master Chief, and Bane to become the number one contender for the Extra Solar Championship(later Galactic Championship) and Jack-6. The two would fight at the biggest event of them all M4GaMania for the title. marcus would put on a great fight but was unable to claim the championship.

Time Off, Return, InjuryEdit

Marcus's first match off a two month break would be vs Goku one on one. Marcus would score the pin on the super saiyan. Marcus would then try to win the third ever royal rumble. Marcus would appear at number 16 and would help get rid of Speed Racer before being knocked out by The Flash. Marcus would be injuryed and unalbe to fight in the Galactic Championship elimination chamber match at Big Bang.

Supremacy ReturnEdit

Screenshot (16)

Marcus Fenix pictured behind Jack-6 and next to Ash Ketchum.

Marcus Fenix would return on February 6th 2013 along with the Supermacy. Marcus would become one of the mnay men to defend other members mainly Jack's Inter-Universal Championship. Marcus would help in the beat down of Jack-6's rival Goku twice. Marcus would try to beat Jason Voorhees and eran a shot for the Galactic championship. Marcus would pin Jason. This would put Marcus in the Championship triple threat match vs Jason and Master Chief at Northern Lights. Marcus would give damage to both men but in the end Jason would pin Marcus to retain the championship.

Marcus's next macth would be teaming with fellow Buu Supermacy members Buu and Bojack vs the newly formed Neo-Underworld. Marucs would fail to get out of the ring in a five count and would be counted losing the match for the team. Marcus would then fight in a fatal four way number one contendership match to try and become the number one contender for the Galactic Championship. Marcus would be speared outside the ring by Hardcore Championship Vegeta while Cookie Monster made Captain America tap out ending the match.

Marcus would next appear beating down Goku after he beat Buu, Backstage he would be attacked by Master Chief. The next day he would be in thr ring with Jack-6 and would become a part of Jack-6's team to defend the M4G-Nation Championship at Absolute Zero. At the event Marcus would give Raphael a stone cold stunner and pin Raphael before being pinned by Master Chief. Jack-6 would win the match and the Supermacy would win the match and keep the championship.

Marcus's next match would be the ten man battle royal for the Galactic Championship title shot at Vernal Equinox on April 5th. Marcus would draw the number 6. Marcus would fail to get rid of anyone and would be knocked out by Sephiroth. Marcus would rebound fighting in the Royal rumble of April 13th 2013. Marcus would come out at number 7 and would elimiate Cookie Monster, Batman , Darth Maul , before being knocked out by Skeletor.

Marcus's next match would be vs Boba Fett on May 12th, 2013. Boba had won the royal rumble of April 13th, 2013. Marcus would give a open challenge which Boba accepted. Boba would destory Marcus and spear him into the barricade. He would then fight the new and stronger Bane, being defeated after his opponent landed three Soulcrushers on him.

Theme SongEdit

Gears of War Main Theme04:30

Gears of War Main Theme


  • Marcus Fenix was considerably larger in WWE 12 then WWE 13.
  • Because of his size in WWE 12, Marcus has often been linked to steroid and compared to real-life wrestler Scott Steiner. In fact as a running gag, M4G-Nation commentator Trevor would cut a promo during Marcus' matches assessing his opponents chances of winning the match. This is a parody of a promo Scott Steiner cut talking about the percentages of Samoa Joe retaining the TNA World Title at Sacrifice. This is the promo it parodies...
  • Professor Scott Steiner Typography01:08

    Professor Scott Steiner Typography

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