M4GaMania 3 was a M4G-Nation Pay-Per-View Event which took place on November 6, 2014. it was the third M4GaMania Event.

The main event of this show is a 7-on-7 Tag Team Elimination Match between The Unwashed and Team Blue, with the stipulation that the losing team will be forced to leave M4G-Nation Blue until 2015. Other matches featured include a Fatal-4-Way Elimination Match for the M4G-Nation Blue Championship, and a singles match for the M4G-Nation Green Championship.

Background Edit

M4GaMania 3 featured simulated professional wrestling matches that involve fictional wrestlers from pre-existing feuds, plots, and storylines that play out on the M4G-Nation's daily episodes. Wrestlers will portray villains or heroes as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches.

The Unwashed have been the most dominant force in M4G-Nation history since the Buu Supremacy. Through their expertise in Tag Team Elimination Matches as well as individual title bouts, the stable cemented itself as a huge threat to the M4G-Nation Blue roster. Members such as Sub-Zero have already claimed a stranglehold on the Intergalactic Championship, while Bane remained a perennial main event contender. With the addition of new members such as The Joker and Loki, the stable has consistently became more dominant ever since its inception. Over time, however, other members of the roster began to fight back. After his in-ring debut against The Joker in winning fashion, Magneto proclaimed that The Unwashed will meet their doom soon. Optimus Prime then challenged Bane to a singles match on episode 29 of M4G-Nation Blue which he emerged victorious. Afterwards, Optimus Prime cut a promo promising to take down The Unwashed next episode, having formed a team consisting of Iron Man, Mega Man, Servo, Buzz Lightyear, and Gipsy Danger. Episode 30, however, led to Optimus' entire team being taken out by The Unwashed in various matches. Servo was attacked by The Joker post-match, but Captain Pollution interfered and rescued the former, seemingly having joined Team Blue. Sephiroth and Venom each incapacitated Mega Man and Buzz Lightyear, while Loki, Sub-Zero, and Bane attacked Gipsy Danger, Iron Man, and Optimus Prime, adding insult to injury. After a plea from Magneto to join Team Blue, Cookie Monster and Jesus joined him in their 3-on-3 Tag Team Elimination Match in a losing effort. Tony the Tiger appeared and made an announcement that Team Blue will face The Unwashed in a 7-on-7 Tag Team Elimination Match, with the stipulation that the losing team will be forced to leave M4G-Nation Blue until 2015.

Bane - a leading member of The Unwashed, won a 40-Man Royal Rumble by last eliminating Green Goblin, earning himself a title shot against the winner of Solar Eclipse 3's M4G-Nation Blue Championship bout at M4GaMania 3. On an episode of State of the M4G-Nation, Thor returned and cut a promo explaining that he would have cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract at Space Jam, had it not been for Loki attacking Iron Man and joining The Unwashed. Thor then announced that he will be cashing in his contract to join newly-crowned champion Jack-6, Bane, and former champion Kratos at the event for the M4G-Nation Blue Championship, stating that his hatred of The Unwashed outweighs his lust for a dream match.

After nearly winning the 40-Man Royal Rumble, longtime Hardcore Champion Green Goblin caught M4G-Nation Green Champion Captain America's attention, who called out the former and challenged him to a title match at M4GaMania 3. However, Captain America stated that the only way for Green Goblin to challenge him is if he relinquished his Hardcore Championship. Green Goblin accepted the challenge and thus vacated the title.

Tony the Tiger announced that Intergalactic Champion Sub-Zero will defend his title against Link in a 3 Stages of Hell Match. The first match is slated to be a Steel Cage Match, the second an Extreme Rules Match, and the final bout a Ladder Match if necessary.

A Six-Man Ladder Match was held, with the winner earning a shot at the Solar Flare Championship. Bizzaro defeated VegetaZangiefFriezaMaster Chief, and Iron Patriot on M4G-Nation Green Episode 18 to qualify.

An Elimination Chamber Match was announced for M4GaMania 3 for the Atom-Weight Championship, and four qualifying matches were subsequently held. Leonardo and Ezio each won their respective Elimination Chamber Matches, Green Arrow won a 10-Man Royal Rumble, and Kakashi Hatake defeated Paul Phoenix to join then-current champion The White Ranger and Deadpool at the event.

After Green Goblin relinquished his Hardcore Championship, a 10-Man Gauntlet was announced for M4GaMania 3, with each of the 10 matches being contested for the title.

Results Edit



1 White Ranger (c) defeated Leonardo, Deadpool, Ezio, Kakashi Hatake, and Green Arrow to retain the Atom-Weight Championship. Elimination Chamber Match
2.1 Raphael defeated Skeletor to win the Hardcore Championship. Extreme Rules Match
2.2 Blade defeated Raphael (c) to win the Hardcore Championship. Extreme Rules Match
2.3 Blade (c) defeated Spiderman to retain the Hardcore Championship. Extreme Rules Match
2.4 Blade (c) defeated Scorpion to retain the Hardcore Championship. Extreme Rules Match
2.5 Blade (c) defeated Shao Kahn to retain the Hardcore Championship. Extreme Rules Match
2.6 Darth Maul defeated Blade (c) to win the Hardcore Championship. Extreme Rules Match
2.7 The Hulk defeated Darth Maul (c) to win the Hardcore Championship. Extreme Rules Match
2.8 The Hulk (c) defeated Batman to retain the Hardcore Championship. Extreme Rules Match
2.9 The Hulk (c) defeated Bandit Keith to retain the Hardcore Championship. Extreme Rules Match
3 Super Best Friends (Goku and Yusuke Urameshi) (c) defeated The Xotica Xpress (Brock and Broly) to retain the Tag Team Championship.
4.1 Sub-Zero defeated Link. Steel Cage Match
4.2 Link defeated Sub-Zero. Extreme Rules Match
4.3 Sub-Zero (c) defeated Link to retain the Intergalactic Championship. Ladder Match
5 Raiden (c) defeated Bizzaro to retain the Solar Flare Championship. Ladder Match
6 Bane defeated Kratos, Thor, and Jack-6 (c) to win the M4G-Nation Blue Championship. Fatal-4-Way Elimination Match
7 Green Goblin defeated Captain America (c) by disqualification.
8 Paul Phoenix defeated Captain America (c) to win the M4G-Nation Green Championship.
9 The Unwashed (Bane, Loki, Sub-Zero, Ryu Hayabusa, Venom, The Joker, and Sephiroth) defeated Team Blue (Jack-6, Captain Pollution, Ash Ketchum, Jason Voorhees, Cookie Monster, Jesus, and Magneto). 7-on-7 Tag Team Elimination Match, losing team is fired until 2015
  • (c) refers to the champion(s) entering the match.

Elimination Chamber Match Edit

Entrant Elimination # Eliminated By Elimination Move
1 Kakashi Hatake 4 Green Arrow Sunset Flip
2 Leonardo 1 The White Ranger Tiger Sword
3 Green Arrow 5 The White Ranger Camel Clutch
4 The White Ranger N/A WINNER N/A
5 Deadpool 2 Ezio Assassin DDT
6 Ezio 3 The White Ranger Tiger Sword

7-on-7 Tag Team Elimination Match Edit

Elimination Wrestler Team Eliminated By
1 Ryu Hayabusa The Unwashed Jesus
2 Cookie Monster Team Blue Venom
3 Sephiroth The Unwashed Ash Ketchum
4 Jesus Team Blue Loki
5 Captain Pollution Team Blue Venom
6 Magneto Team Blue Loki
7 Venom The Unwashed Jack-6
8 The Joker The Unwashed Ash Ketchum
9 Jack-6 Team Blue Loki
10 Loki The Unwashed Ash Ketchum
11 Sub-Zero The Unwashed Ash Ketchum
12 Ash Ketchum Team Blue Bane
13 Jason Voorhees Team Blue Bane

Commentators Edit

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