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M4G-Nation Green Episode 6 is a professional wrestling show of the M4G-Nation Green brand, which took place on April 5, 2014.

Results Edit

(x) - Ryu and Quan Chi were both attacked by Devimon. Captain America later cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract.

(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

Royal Rumble Entrants and Eliminations Edit

Entrant Eliminated By Eliminations
1 Earthworm Jim 1 Android 17 0
2 Android 17 2 Ezio 1
3 Ezio 4 V 2
4 V 9 Cyclops 3
5 The Green Ranger 3 Ezio 0
6 Space Ghost 5 V 0
7 Deadpool 7 Cyclops 1
8 Cyclops N/A WINNER 2
9 Frieza 6 Deadpool 0
10 Tien Shinhan 8 V 0

Commentators Edit

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