M4G-Nation Green is a professional wrestling brand and the episodic program of the same name. It is one half of two factions alongside M4G-Nation Blue.

The brand's booking, roster, and commentary is run by M4Gnitude.


It was announced on November 18th 2013 that the M4G-Nation would spilt into two brands. The Green Brand would be run by M4Gnitude. Both M4Gnitude and Trevor drafted rosters and would agree to have there own titles. The Green Brand would keep M4G-Nation Championship but would make its own midcard championship and would share the Atom Weight, Tag team, Hardcore Championships. 

M4Gnitude is the head commentator on the show with Trevor, and PJR making appearances as the co color guys,


Championship Current Champion/Champions
M4G-Nation Green Thanos
Solar Flare Raiden
Green Tag Team Golden Duo (Goku and Yusuke Urameshi
Green Atom-Weight Darth Maul

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