The M4G-Nation Championship was a title contested for by members of the M4G-Nation, it was known as the most prestigious title out of the accolades awarded amongst wrestlers.

The title is currently inactive, meaning that it is no longer fought for in the M4G-Nation.

The M4G-Nation Green Championship
Jack-6 with the M4G-Nation Championship
Current Champion(s): N/A
Date Won: N/A
Past Champions: Jack-6, Bane, Bandit Keith, Ryu

History Edit

On April 2, 2013, then-Inter-Universal Champion Jack-6 announced that he has retired the Inter-Universal Championship, and introduced the M4G-Nation Championship in its place.

With the split of the M4G-Nation to two different brands, then-champion Ryu was awarded the M4G-Nation Championship as he was drafted to M4G-Nation Green.

Past Champions Edit

Jack-6 Edit

In a promo televised on April 2, 2013, Jack-6, who was the current Inter-Universal champion at the time, announced that he has retired the Inter-Universal Championship name, and introduced the M4G-Nation Championship in its place, awarding himself the world title in the process.

At Vernal Equinox, Jack-6 was scheduled to defend his title against 40-Man Royal Rumble winner Boba Fett. However, due to an unexpected attack by Captain Planet hospitalizing the #1 contender, Jack-6 proceeded to issue out a challenge to any wrestler willing to win the championship. Yusuke Urameshi appeared, cashing in his Money in the Bank contract at the same night in which he obtained it to challenge the robot. In the main event of Vernal Equinox, Jack-6 successfully retained his title against the former M4G-Nation champion.

Jack-6 would yet again successfully defend his title in a triple threat match which also included inaugural Inter-Universal champion Yusuke Urameshi and 40-man Royal Rumble winner Boba Fett. As the latter two wrestlers began to show signs of teaming up against Jack-6, Zangief made his debut as a member of the Supremacyand intervened in the match, exploiting the no disqualifications stipulation common in triple threat matches by performing his finishing move against both Yusuke and Boba Fett, injuring Boba Fett in the process. Jack-6 would then effortlessly pin a damaged Yusuke to retain his title.

In the events leading up to Galactic Throwdown II (2013), Jack-6 would be challenged by the returning and physically upgraded Bane for his title. As a means to test the validity of the latter's manager Space Ghost's claims of top contendership, Jack-6 pit Bane in two preliminary matches against members of his own faction - the Buu Supremacy. Bane managed to defeat Marcus Fenix in the first trial, but the second of which would end in a draw against Zangief. After some persuasion by Space Ghost, Jack-6 agreed to defend his title against Bane at the PPV, with a few stipulations beneficial to him. At the highly-anticipated battle between the two goliaths, Jack-6 was superplexed by Bane, causing the ring to collapse under the pressure. Jack-6 lost his title via knockout. However, by Singularity, Jack-6 was able to reclaim his title from Bane in a Hell In A Cell match, despite enduring an alabama slam which pierced him through the roof of the structure. Despite retaining his championship in a triple threat match against Bane and Boba Fettat Solar Eclipse 2, he was stripped off the championship after the Buu Supremacy lost the winner takes all Elimination Match later on at the event.

Bane Edit

After Sonic Boom, Space Ghost confronted M4G-Nation Champion Jack-6 and revealed that a friend of his was returning to the M4G-Nation to stop the Buu Supremacy. That friend was later revealed to be Space Ghost's former partner Bane. However, Bane appeared to have been injected with a seriously load of venom toxins which made one of the biggest wrestlers in M4G-Nation history. His presence even scared off the M4G-Nation Champion Jack-6. Bane was back and better than ever and easily defeated "Admiral Head-Trauma" Marcus Fenix on June 15th. Jack-6 then gave Bane the opportunity to fight him for the M4G-Nation Championship if he defeated the Buu Supremacy's newest member Zangief. On June 21st, Bane and Zangief fought to a double count-out but after pressure from Space Ghost, Jack-6 gave Bane his match for Galactic Throwdown II (2013). However the match would be falls count anywhere and no disqualification... to Jack-6 only. Bane had to pin or submit him to win the title. After a long and brutal match, Bane was declared the victor and the new M4G-Nation champion.

Bane then lost his title to former champion Jack-6 at Singularity.

Bandit Keith Edit

Bandit Keith was revealed to be a mystery entrant in one of three triple threat matches, which were precursors to another triple threat battle held at Big Bang 2. Despite his release from a M4G-Nation contract months ago, Bandit Keith was able to contend for the vacant M4G-Nation Championship by defeating Ezio and Bojack. At the triple threat match which also included Cookie Monster and former M4G-Nation champion Bane, Bandit Keith pinned the former to become a new M4G-Nation Champion and face of the company. He lost to Road to Gold Series winner Ryu at M4GaMania 2.

Ryu Edit

For a long time, Ryu struggled in the M4G-Nation to find any success. However, his career went on the upswing when he won the 10-man Royal Rumble match to start the Road to Gold series, where 15 contestants would fight to earn a title shot for the M4G-Nation championship. He performed well enough to win the series, and won the final Gauntlet match against fellow Street Fighter Zangief to determine the overall winner. He then defeated Bandit Keith in a 20 minute Ironman match 15 to 8 to win the title.


# Wrestler Reigns Date Days Held Event
1 Jack-6 1 January 27, 2013 154 Supernova
2 Bane 1 June 30, 2013 36 Galactic Throwdown II (2013)
3 Jack-6 2 August 4, 2013 29 Singularity
Title was vacated after Jack-6 was suspended until 2014.
5 Bandit Keith 1 September 29, 2013


Big Bang 2
6 Ryu 1 November 3rd, 2013 15 M4Gamania 2 Trouble in Jamaica
7 Retired - November 18, 2013 - Title was retired with the introduction of the brand split. Ryu's reign as M4G-Nation Green Champion is considered to be a continuation of his M4G-Nation Championship reign.

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