M4G-Nation Blue Episode 45 is a professional wrestling show of the M4G-Nation Blue brand, which took place on June 17, 2015.

Results Edit

Elimination Chamber Matches Edit

Entrant Eliminated By Elimination Move
1 Gambit 4 Red Ranger Sole Food
2 Gohan 1 Michaelangelo White Noise
3 Eddy Gordo 5 Red Ranger Sole Food
4 Michaelangelo 3 Eddy Gordo Roll-Up
5 Spiderman 2 Eddy Gordo Top-Rope Frankensteiner
6 Red Ranger N/A WINNER N/A


Eliminated By Elimination Move
1 Gamora 2 Cammy Roll-Up
2 Wonder Woman 1 Spiderwoman Roll-Up
3 Spiderwoman 3 Supergirl Full Nelson
4 Black Widow 4 Cammy Double Suplex
5 Cammy N/A WINNER N/A
6 Supergirl 5 Cammy Chinlock
Entrant Eliminated By

Elimination Move

1 The Riddler 2 Black Panther Ranhei
2 Batman Beyond 3 Nightwing Blue Thunder Bomb
3 Blue Ranger 1 Black Panther Spinning Roundhouse Kick
4 Black Panther 5 Nightwing Blue Thunder Bomb
5 Nightwing N/A WINNER N/A
6 Smoke 4 Black Panther K.O Punch

Commentators Edit

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