M4G-Nation Blue is a professional wrestling brand and the episodic program of the same name. It is one half of two factions alongside M4G-Nation Green.

The brand's booking, roster, and commentary is run by Trevor.


It was announced on November 18th 2013 that the M4G-Nation would spilt into two brands. The Blue Brand would be run by Trevor. Both M4Gnitude and Trevor drafted rosters and would agree to have their own titles. The Blue Brand would keep the Galactic Championship but would make its own M4G-Nation Championship and would share the Atom Weight, Tag team, Hardcore Championships. It was announced on December 3rd that Magento would become the new General Manager.

Trevor is the head commentator on the show commentating with M4Gnitude, similarly to how M4Gnitude is the head announcer on M4G-Nation Green. Guy On The Right sometimes also announces alongside them. The Shadow used to commentate with them very frequently until he left the M4G-Nation in July 2014 as he had moved away with his wife. Upon his return, Pat James Reagan will become a frequent commentator for Blue as Shadow had been before him. Packard commentated in a couple of the earlier episodes but shortly "retired" from the M4G-Nation due to outside commitments.  


Championship Current Champion/Champions
M4G-Nation Blue The Hulk
Galactic Captain Ultra
Blue Tag Team Han & Big Chewie
Blue Atom-Weight Black Panther
BluTube Shadow Wolf