M. Bison
Origin Street Fighter
Debut: September 14th 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: N/A
M. Bison is the leader of criminal organization known as Shadowloo was a former member of M4Gnitude's team Fort Wayne Mad Ants, and is an active member of the M4G-Nation Blue roster.


After killing his parents at a very young age, Bison was rumoured to have been raised by a group of mystical gypsies who tought him the art of soul power. After mastering the form, he literally forced all the goodness from his heart after realizing his soul was divided into two halves - one good, one evil. After this, he developed his own form of soul power called Psycho Power - designed for quick but brutal attacks. Since then he built his criminal empire called Shadowloo with the intention of taking over the world. M. Bison is incredibly arrogant, but for good reason. His endurance is pretty incredible as he's been known to be able to continue fights after being shot point blank, impaled and even after being crushed underneath a building. He even survived Akuma's Raging Demon attack which is supposed to destroy it's victim's soul.


M. Bison debuted as a free agent in the M4G-Nation's D-League on September 14th 2013. He debuted inside the Elimination Chamber against Nappa, Juggernaut, Mini Chris Jericho, Joey Ryan and El Generico with the winner of the match going on to compete in a number one contendership match for the TMNXT Championship. He entered as the last entrant, but was still unable to pick up the victory after being submitted by Juggernaut.

He would then battle in the D league Tournement where in round one he would defeat Waldo. Afterwards he would be drafteded to the main roster on M4G-Nation Blue and lose his first matchup vs Jason VoorheesKing Leondias, and Thor . He would join La Pollution vs Mortal Kombat and be pinned by Sub-Zero.


  • In his debut, Bison came out to the generic Create-A-Superstar entrance. Trevor admitted that he had forgotten to give Bison an actual entrance yet.
  • He was the first confirmed free agent of the D-League.
  • He aslo holds the "honor" of being the first man to submit to the Camel Clutch

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