Origin Mario Bros. (1983 game)
Debut: May 9, 2012
Career: TMNXT
Finishing Move: F-5

Luigi is a protagonist from the Mario video game series and the main character of Luigi's Mansion.


Mario Bros.Edit

Luigi and Mario both debuted in a 2 on 1 handicap match against Marcus Fenix in which they were defeated after Marcus pinned Luigi. Luigi was never seen in the M4G-Nation again.

Zack Ryder Open Return

Luigi was one of 16 men brought back in the Zack Ryder Open. His opponent in the first round was Ryu Hayubusa. He lost that match which allowed Hayubusa to move on.

D-League Return 

During the Purge, Luigi was picked up by Packard and is now an official member of the Little Cruise that Could.

Theme SongEdit

Powerglove - Mario Minor04:11

Powerglove - Mario Minor


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