(Note that this is a work in progress. This list is subject to progressive change as new wrestlers are introduced to the M4G-Nation roster and more finishing moves are discovered.)

Signature Moves are wrestling maneuvers that lead up to the match-ending Finishing Move (or 'finisher'). They are powerful moves which down the attacker's adversary long enough so that they may prepare for their trademark finisher, such as through taunting - such as real life professional wrestler Edge beckoning for the downed opponent to recover as a means to successfully perform his finisher - the Spear. To climb up to the top turnbuckle if their finisher is performed at that location- such as Randy Savage's patented Elbow Drop. Or to perform a move that takes an extensive amount of time to utilize - such as a Spinebuster used by The Rock to prepare for his People's Elbow finisher.

While the term 'Signature Move' may also be utilized as a term for the wrestler's finishing move, in the video games WWE '12 and WWE '13, the two names are entirely separate, but retain their concept (signature move preceding the finishing move).

Below is the list of Signature Moves by wrestler (in alphabetical order):

Male WrestlersEdit

Wrestler Signature Move
Adolf Hitler Crucifix powerbomb
Bane Two-handed chokeslam
Boba Fett Inverted headlock backbreaker
Captain Planet Gory bomb
Dante Toe kick followed by a 360° jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick
Jason Voorhees Series of 3 powerbombs
Jesus Alabama slam
V Series of punches to the face, ending with a knockout punch. With theatrics.

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