Origin Dragon Ball
Debut: August 28, 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Launch Pad (Choke rib breaker)
Launch is a character from the Dragon Ball anime and manga series, who was once a part of the M4G-Nation's roster.

She carries the distinction of fighting in only one match in her entire career, although careers spanning for one match were not uncommon in the M4G-Nation - especially during the company's affiliation with WWE '12, it is a rare occurence today outside of Promo Matches. Launch appears in her aggressive, temperamental blonde character encountered in Dragon Ball canon, which is usually encountered when she sneezes.


Launch made her debut against Tifa Lockhart in a Harlot's Division singles match. The two female competitors were selected via unanimous decision by the fans on the M4G-Nation's Facebook fan page through a poll. In her's and Lockhart's only match, Launch was unsuccessful in defeating her opposition. Unable to bounce back from her defeat, Launch was never seen nor heard from again in the M4G-Nation.


  • Launch - alongside Tifa Lockhart, are one of the few M4G-Nation wrestlers who's debut was largely influenced by the fans on their Facebook fan page.

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