La Pollution
La Pollution
Origin Captain Pollution(Captain Planet)

Zangief(Street Fighter)

The Joker(DC comics)

Jesus(Real Life)

Debut: September 3rd 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Captain Pollution- Force of Illusion (Spinning crucifix side slam)

The Joker- Jokerz wild(punch to the face followed by a side double nee facebreaker)

Zangief-The Red Cyclone(Two Bridge German suplex followed by a backbreaker followed by two spins and then a tombstone piledriver)

Jesus-Elbow of God/Heaven or Jesus Elbow(Running delayed high-impact elbow drop, with theatrics) Death from Above(Frog Splash with higher elevation)

La Pollution is a stable led by Captain Pollution.

The group is a branch off the old Buu Supremacy that broke into its own group. The group has been a force with Captain Pollution being a two time and the current Galactic Champion, Zangief almost winning  the Road To Gold Series and the Joker contending for the Atom-Weight Championship.



The group would debut with Captain Pollution, Zangief and Jesus coming out after the huge Team M4G-Nation vs Buu Supremacy 7 on 7 battle at Solar Eclipse 2 to attack Spiderman. The State of the M4G-Nation afterwards they would announce that the three of them were never members of the Buu Supermacy and left them before the matchup. The plan was to get rid of the Buu Supermacy and take over the M4G-Nation while they were gone. However Jesus would be forced to battle Raiden for his job. Jesus lost ending his time with the group.

Seprate battlesEdit

Captain Pollution would defend the Galactic Championship at Big Bang 2 (2013) vs Master Chief and Ash Ketchum. Master Chief would pin Captain Pollution to become a three time Galactic champion. But Pollution would win an off screen battle between himself, Ash, and Goku to won again battle Master Chief for the Galactic Championship at M4Gamania 2 Trouble in Jamaica. Captain Polltuion would win becoming a two time Galactic Champion.

Meanwhile Zangief would destory much of the foes he faced in the Road to Gold Series. He would wind up second in points entering the final gauntlet match at the same ppv. Zangief would enter third beating Vegeta before falling to Ryu

Changing rosterEdit

The Joker would become a new member and the group would have its first battle together in a six man tag team match vs Mortal Kombat. However they would lose to the new team when Reptile pinned Zangief. After the brand was split was annouced Zangief was on the Green Roster ending his alliance with La Pollution. Pollution however teased a new member to replace Zangief. The replacement for Zangief would be M. Bison and would team with The Joker but would again lose to Mortal Kombat in the mini Tag Team Tournment.


Captain Pollution(Leader) September 1st, 2013-Present

Zangief September 1st, 2013-November 20th 2013

Jesus September 1st, 2013-September 21st, 2013

The Joker November 9th, 2013-Present

M. Bison December 12th, 2013-present

La Pollution 1

The first La Pollution with Captain Pollution announcing they are at the top

La Pollution

The 2nd verison La Pollution group.


  • It is unknown why the Joker has joined nor how he joined
  • It is unknown if Misty is a member of the group or not. Since she is the current girlfriend on Captain Pollution one can assume she will support him however it is yet to be seen
  • The name stems from the the famous phase "Viva La Pollution" that was used by fans of Pollution such as Pakcard


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