Origin Dragon Ball Z
Debut: July 21st 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Destructo Disk (Variation Of The Canadian Destroyer)

Krillin is one of the strongest humans in the Dragonball Z franchise as well as a former member of the Atom-Weight Division in the M4G-Nation.

Despite being one of the shorter fighters in DBZ he's proven himself to be a capable warrior in the M4G-Nation.


Krillin debuted in the M4G-Nation as part of the tournament to crown the first ever Atom-Weight Champion. He voted into the tournament by the fans as part of a Facebook vote. He defeated Digimon Matt in a steel cage match on July 21st 2012 but was eliminated in the 2nd Round on the 30th of July by fellow Dragonball Z fighter Trunks in a tables match.

Krillin would spend a couple of months on hiatus before returning to lose to Rorschach on September 1st and appear at the 2nd Royal Rumble on September 2nd. He entered at number 27 but lasted little time in the Rumble, being eliminated by Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Bane.

On September 16th, Krillin would try to get in the mix for an Atom-Weight Championship match by competing in a fatal four way match against Sonic, Woody and Jesus Christ. The winner would receive a shot at the title, but Krillin would fail to win.

Krillin's last match took place on September 22nd when he teamed with Tony Hawk to face Spartan Fury. However due to a glitch in the game, Tony Hawk and King Leonidas would freeze mid-match leaving Krillin to go at it alone against Kratos. However, Krillin would stand little chance against the "Son of the South" Kratos. This would prove to be his last match in the M4G-Nation as he was released as the M4G-Nation moved onto WWE 13.

Theme SongEdit

Bruce Faulconer - Best Of DBZ Volume 1 - Dragonball Z01:07

Bruce Faulconer - Best Of DBZ Volume 1 - Dragonball Z


  • Krillin's win/loss record stands at 1/5 (including the Royal Rumble

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