Kings of the Jungle
Members: King


Origins Tekken (King)

Marvel Comics (Wolverine)

Debut: April 12, 2013
Careers: Dissolved
Finishing Moves: King - King of the Jungle (Firemans carry cutter, with theatrics)

Wolverine - Snap DDT

Kings of the Jungle was a tag team in the M4G-Nation made up of King and Wolverine. Together, they participated in numerous matches, and were #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship.

They - along with Mortal Kombat, are notable for being the tag teams to participate in the first ever 'Oakland Rules' match held at Vernal Equinox. The duo disbanded after Wolverine was forced to part ways with the M4G-Nation.


On April 12, 2013, King and Wolverine forged an alliance and pursued success in the Tag Team Division, tangling with the likes of the newly introduced tag team Million Dollar Bounty in what was a winning effort for the two. This led to their opportunity to fight for #1 contendership when they faced The Supremacy in tag team competition. Having won the match, King and Wolverine had successfully earned the priviledge to take on Mortal Kombat for the Tag Team Championship. In the M4G-Nation proclaimed 'Oakland Rules' match, which is explained to be a Tornado Tag Team match contested in a Hell In A Cell.

Kings of the Jungle suffered defeat at the hands of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, as moments into the match, King was tossed from the steel cage onto the announcing table below, and thus was unable to rescue Wolverine from being pinned. The tandem attempted to obtain contendership once more, but could not successfully beat The Supremacy on the second occasion. They disappeared from the Tag Team scene for some time. The group officially disbanded when Wolverine lost a Pink Slip Tables match and was fired from the company.

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