Origin Tekken
Debut: May 2, 2012
Career: Inactive
Finishing Move: King of the Jungle (Fireman's carry cutter - with theatrics.)
King is a luchador from the Tekken series of fighting games, who is currently working in the M4G-Nation as a professional wrestler.

Serving as a veteran wrestler in the M4G-Nation, his list of accolades includes: Winner of the second ever Elimination Chamber, former #1 contender for the Inter-Universal Championship, former #1 contender for the Tag Team Championship, and a former Hardcore Champion. King was also one part of the tag team Kings of the Jungle with Wolverine, who have achieved much success in the Tag Team Division.

As a famed luchador in his canon storyline within Tekken, King's moveset replicates much of the acrobatic features displayed in his previous games, despite being classified as a middle weight wrestler. These acrobatic maneuvers in his arsenal include: Hurricanranas, frankensteiners, and sunset flips.


The mantle of the legendary wrestler King has been taken on by two people previously in the Tekken Universe. After the death of the first King at the hands of the Ancient Fighting God Orge, a 24 year old catholic orphan took up the mantle to compete and raise money for struggling orphanages. He was trained in luchador wrestling by a close friend to the original King, Armour King. King has proved himself to be a very capable wrestler, achieving fame in luchador wrestling and in the King Of Iron Fist Tournaments. King has developed a great sense of honour, even being able to be-friend and team with the murderer of his master, Craig Marduk. He frequently fights in the King Of Iron Fist Tournament to test his wrestling ability against fighters of other fighting styles.


King made his debut on May 2, 2012 in a fatal 4 way match also including Optimus Prime, Link, and Gordon Ramsay. He would be pinned by Optimus Prime following an Optimus Bomb, thus suffering his first loss in his debut match. By winning a preliminary singles match against Dante, King would qualify for a six-man Elimination Chamber match, with the winner earning the privilege to challenge Yusuke Urameshi for the Inter-Universal Championship. In the scuffle, he was the third man to enter the ring and eliminated Kuwabara, Optimus Prime and finally Solid Snake to acheive #1 contendership for the title. At Galactic Throwdown, King faced off against Inter-Universal Champion Yusuke Urameshi in a 20-minute iron man steel cage match, but was ultimately unable to dethrone him, having been outpinned 5 to 3. King remained absent from the company for a couple of months.

Making his return two months later, King claimed victory over Thor, Bojack, and Ryu Hayabusa in a fatal 4 way steel cage match. Afterwards, he participated in the second ever Royal Rumble entering in the #28 spot, eliminating Darth Maul before facing his elimination at the hands of Jesus, who went on to be one of the final two wrestlers standing. Following a successful singles match against Jack Sparrow, King would be eligible to participate in his second Elimination Chamber to face Jack-6 for his then known Extra-Solar Championship. As one of the beginning two men to enter the ring alongside Marcus Fenix, King was unfortunately the first to be pinned by the aforementioned Gears of War competitor, who eventually eliminated three other men to claim #1 contendership. Afterwards, King took a minor break from wrestling.

Returning once more to the M4G-Nation, King defeated Darth Maul via submission through the infamous Camel Clutch. This marked the beginning of the running gag where PJR and Trevor treated King as if he were a domestic feline. 4 days later, King made his second Royal Rumble appearance having entered as the #9 spot. In this record 40-man match, King would successfuly eliminate co-commentator Trevor and the Street Fighter martial artist Ryu before being sent over the top rope by Ezio. Pursuing Galactic title gold, he was involved in the final of three preliminary triple threat matches held to earn a spot in another triple threat match to determine a #1 contender for Jason Voorhees' Galactic Championship. However, his endeavors would come up short, as King had been pinned by Sephiroth.

Despite this defeat, King refused to let his loss dissuade him, as he faced former Galactic Championship #1 contender Bane, although he would suffer a consecutive loss. On April 12, 2013, Wolverine became a partner of King's in a tag team known as Kings of the Jungle. A day after the duo's debut victory over Million Dollar Bounty, King had then participated in his third Royal Rumble match with a similar spot placement from his previous Royal Rumble at #8. Showing signs of progressive improvement from his last two Royal Rumble matches, King managed to eliminate The Hulk, Kratos, and Captain America before his own elimination courtesy of Batman. A few days later, King and Wolverine had defeated The Supremacy to become #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship at Vernal Equinox. The team squared off against Mortal Kombat in a tornado tag team match contested in a Hell in a Cell. During this battle, King was thrown off the top of the steel cage onto the announcing table, this prompted co-commentator Trevor to humorously imitate real life sports entertainment broadcaster Jim Ross as a reference to the latter's own shocked reaction and famous quote in a renowned Hell in a Cell match, where professional wrestler Mankind was thrown off the 16 foot cage by The Undertaker. Due to this, Mortal Kombat had retained their titles against King and Wolverine.

Kings of the Jungle  failed to replicate their success once more, having lost to The Supremacy in an attempt to earn a rematch against the tag team of Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Reverting to singles competition, King contested for the Hardcore Championship against current champion Poseidon, The Flash, Ryu, and former champion Dale Earnhardt Jr. in a Championship Scramble match held for the title. Contending as entrant #2 alongside champion Poseidon, King fought valiantly despite being pinned twice by The Flash, eventually scoring a pinfall against The Flash with less than 4 minutes remaining on the clock, and preventing any future pins for the time being to celebrate his first singles championship. King would defend his title at Galactic Throwdown II in a Fatal Four Way extreme rules match vs. BatmanCookie Monster, and Skeeter Valentine. Batman would pin Skeeter while King got struck directly in the head with a fake belt by Cookie Monster, causing him to bleed afterwards. King was the 31st entrant in the August 2013 Royal Rumble and eliminated Zangief before being eliminated by The Hulk.


  • King's jaguar mask has prompted PJR and Trevor to treat him as if he were a domestic cat, much to Packard 's and M4Gnitude's dismay, who constantly refute PJR and Trevor's outlandish statements. This in turn leads PJR and Trevor to recite the famous "Meow Mix" jingle, if only to further irritate M4Gnitude.
  • His win/loss record is 8-8 (Excluding Royal Rumble matches)
  • It is often assumed that the M4G-Nation version of King is King II, as the first King had passed away in the Tekken storyline long before the inception of the M4G-Nation.


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