Kimbo Slice
Origin YouTube/Real Life
Debut: September 9th 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Kimbo Kombo (Argentine Backbreaker release powerbomb)
Kimbo Slice is an MMA fighter famous for his street fighters on YouTube that made Kimbo into an internet sensation. His popularity eventually led to him being offered a UFC contract by Dana White through the Ultimate Fighter series. Since then he has held an impressive boxing undefeated streak spanning 7 fights, with 6 of them ending in a knockout.

Kimbo competed once before in the M4G-Nation after the constant requests from Pat James Regan/Black Wing in a match against Mr Incredible. Kimbo has not been involved since due to his boxing career.


Kimbo Slice first appeared in the M4G-Nation on September 9th 2012, facing the newly debuted Mr Incredible. Kimbo put up a tremendous but ruthless display, even resorting to laying out the referee to take the advantadge. However, Kimbo ended up losing the match to Mr Incredible in what would prove to be his last match.


  • Kimbo Slice's entrance mimics real-life wrestler The Sandman's entance.

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