The Justice League is a group of superheroes in the DC Universe that team together in the M4G-Nation.

The Justice League is most known in the M4G-Nation for competing in a series of matches against another group of superheroes known as the Avengers. These videos have been few of the most popular and viewed videos in the M4G-Nation. So far, there have been 3 matches with the Justice League winning the latest match.


The Justice League first took on the Avengers on May 4th 2012 as a movie promo for the Avengers film. The team of Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern took on the team of the Captain America, Ironman and Thor in a 6 man elimination match. However, the match was an embarrassment for the League with the Avengers winning with a clean sweep of the team with Batman being the last man to be eliminated. The match is currently the most-viewed video in M4G-Nation history with the match getting over 1.5million hits.

The rematch took place on August 30th 2012 with Batman removing Flash and Green Lantern from the team and replacing them with Superman and Aquaman to combat the Avengers, who had replaced Thor with The Hulk. The Justice League stayed strong, but after 3 quick eliminations at the end of the match The Justice League were defeated again with Superman being the last man eliminated. This video is currently the 3rd most watched video in M4G-Nation history.

A third match took place on January 11th on WWE 13 with the Justice League replacing Aquaman with The Flash. Their newest recruit would prove to be a great addition eliminating former Inter-Universal Champion Captain America. After Flash was eliminated by The Hulk, the Justice League gained the 2-1 advantage when The Hulk was according to Packard "too angry" and got disqualified. However, Ironman pinned Superman and let that advantage slip. In the end Batman would gain the victory for his team pinning long-time rival Ironman to finally get a win for the League. This match is the 6th most-viewed video in M4G-Nation history. The justice league would then go into the tag team money in the bank ladder match At the ppv because superman grabbed the briefcase.

Theme SongEdit

Justice League Live Action Version Opening Theme01:01

Justice League Live Action Version Opening Theme


  • Justice League member Batman still feuds with the Avengers' Ironman in the M4G-Nation and on Twitter which intensified with the Justice League vs Avengers matches.
  • Batman is the only member to have won gold in the M4G-Nation. That being the Hardcore Championship.
  • Only Batman and The Flash are full-time members of the M4G-Nation with Superman making part-time appearances, and Aquaman and Green Lantern being released a while ago. Supergirl is also a member of the M4G-Nation but her affiliation with the Justice League is yet to be confirmed. Wonder Woman's affiliation with the group was also left unconfirmed, but she likely was due to her coming out to the Justice League Theme Song.
  • While as a group The Justice League comes out to the original Justice League theme song, The Flash on his own comes out to the Justice League Unlimited theme song.


Batman (May 4th 2012 - Present)

The Flash (May 4th 2012 - Present)

Green Lantern (May 4th 2012 - Unknown)

Superman (August 30th 2012 - Present)

Aquaman (August 30th 2012)

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