The Juggernaut
Origin Marvel Comics
Debut: July 19, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Unknown

The Juggernaut is one of the X-Men's many enemies. He is a member of The Orange Iguanas and is an active member of the D-League.



The Juggernaut was Pat James Regan/Black Wing's second pick for The Orange Iguanas in the D-League. Juggernaut's debuted by losing to Nappa, Godzilla, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Dragon Dragon, and Charmander in a 6-man battle royal. He was the last man to be eliminated when Nappa pinned him.

Juggernaut was the 6th man to enter the D-League Royal Rumble of 2013. He achieved no eliminations and was eliminated by Godzilla.

Theme SongEdit

The Juggernaut Bitch Theme Song02:01

The Juggernaut Bitch Theme Song


  • Due to having a hacked moveset, the commentary team has joked about Juggernaut being a wizard.

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