Judge Dredd
Origin 2000 AD
Debut: September 21, 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: The Executioner
Judge Joseph Dredd, better known by the shortened form Judge Dredd, is a fictional law enforcement officer who is a former wrestler in the M4G-Nation.

Judge Dredd has only ever appeared once in the company to promote the premiere of the 2012 Judge Dredd motion picture.


As a means to advertise his self-titled film, Judge Dredd made his debut and only match against The Hulk in a steel cage match. Even though the film was intended to showcase Judge Dredd's talents and to benifit his own movie, the green-skinned comic book protagonist Hulk exited the steel structure victorious instead, resulting in the first time that a promoter had lost a Promo Match against their opposition.


  • Despite the fact that M4Gnitude announced his finishing move in the commentary booth, Judge Dredd did not perform his finishing maneuver even once.

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