The Johnnywood Blondes are a tag team consisting of Johnny Bravo and Scott Steiner that is currently part of the D-League.

The team was introduced and named by Icebergs leader Tom Robinson, due to both men having similar personalities. Bravo and Steiner are currently the TMNXT Tag Team Champions.


Steiner and Bravo were both drafted by the Icebergs team leader Tom Robinson in the TMNXT Draft. The idea of the team was then suggested by Tom and named the "Johnnywood Blondes" - taken from the Hollywood Blondes wrestling tag team featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

The team were first put together for the TMNXT Tag Team gauntlet in the 4th episode of season 2. The team drew number 4 in the gauntlet for the TMNXT Tag Team Championship. They eliminated the BK Value Meal to initally win the tag titles and eliminate the champions. They went on to defeat Trevolution's Smoke and Black Ranger to make it to the final round. There, they defeated Purple Pain to retain the titles and win the gauntlet.


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